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Qatar Coach: at Chinese will be very difficult to qualify our organic football will battle Qatar planned at noon yesterday arrived in Kunming, but because the issue of charter flights arrived in Qatar last night, leaving the team training time remaining day today. Plus Kunming is a plateau, Qatar and more than the main suspension, the probability of winning China team seems to be very big. But Qatar does not think so, but confidence can win, not to send points. The 12 participated in the World Cup finals team basically all charter travel, not bad money, Qatar is no exception. They planned to pack a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Kunming, but because no Qatar Airways to fly to Kunming route, there is no landing permit in the local area, causing them to transit time, waste a lot of time. But two days before the game arrived in Kunming, Qatar instead of a good thing, because the altitude reaction may not be so strong. In order to cope with the impact of Kunming plateau reaction, they in the capital Doha as Bayer elite college established the "anaerobic training hall" simulated altitude training for athletes competition environment. Recently, the Qatar team has been training in anaerobic training hall, so it seems, Qatar may not be afraid of the plateau. In addition, because of unsportsmanlike behavior prior to the game, Qatar is the AFC punishment, 4 players were suspended, the game can not play, which are definitely the main players. But Qatar coach Fossati is confident, his team is not a declaration to send points, "I think we have the opportunity to qualify, I know China team chose the Lippi team, China team may be different from the past, but I have confidence to win second games, 12 games since in Kunming, of course, this game will be very difficult."相关的主题文章: