The disclosure of the annual performance of high moral map launched the prophet system during the Sp

High German map held Spring Festival "Fu Ping plan" conference in Beijing on the high moral map disclosed in the 2016 annual product performance, and launched the "spring traffic prophet system" and "2017 Spring Festival travel forecast report" two products in the spring of 2017.

according to the user and product data, High German map published in 2016, High German map for users cumulative navigation planning more than 58 billion times, the cumulative total mileage of over 453 billion 700 million km of car navigation, the annual growth of 123% active users.

data also show that high German car AMAP  issued in the 16 year; AUTO (High German map machine version) the public version 11, version more than and 500 provides adaptation for the car companies to partner; High German traffic with Wuhan, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Foshan and other provinces and cities nationwide nearly 100 traffic police reached a strategic cooperation. The traffic information data sharing.

the release of the "2017 Spring Festival travel forecast report" is the high moral map seventh times in the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau under the guidance of the travel guide released jointly with nearly 50 public security traffic management.

and "Spring Road prophet system" is the high moral map of traffic data based on the forecast presented spring 26 days period, the fine for users of the national high-speed and 42 national main city congestion, including travel congestion trends, easy road congestion prediction and blocking time prediction.

High German map Spring Road prophet system

vice president of High German map Dong Zhenning in an interview with Phoenix Technologies said that high German map spring road system is the first prophet for the festival of high-speed congestion and prediction system of city road congestion. At present, it is an independent system, the user needs to access the system domain name to obtain information.

According to the

High German is introduced, the system is open to the user, the user login, you can choose to view the January 17th to February 12th date of any national high-speed and including the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen 42 City, road congestion.

Dong Zhenning further said that the prediction system is only during the Spring Festival a try, but then will gradually carry out prediction in more festive future, will put this system into the high moral map software.

when asked to forecast system data sources, Dong Zhenning pointed out that "the spring industry data traffic prophet system contains the data of public data of 83% and 17%, including from the transportation industry of floating car (taxi, car logistics etc.) and high moral map more than 700 million combined with travel data, users and the third party partner data.

in addition, Dong Zhenning also revealed that high moral map has the reputation, and ecological Ali rookie data fusion, especially Taobao each year hundreds of millions of orders for the High German map provides feng;