The dissemination of the main news websites in August 2016 released the media – People’s network

The central major news sites spread August 2016 list released – the media – central network information office "Internet communication" magazine to build "the central major news sites spread in August 2016" list officially released today. August comprehensive communication list,,, China network ranked champion, runner up and second runner up;, CNR network,, China daily, Chinese youth network, Guangming, China economic net communication integrated into the top ten. The propagation force at the PC end of the championship standings, and the status has not yet been shaken, China network ranked third won the runner up;, CNR network,, China daily, Chinese youth network, Guangming, international online spread into the PC end of the list of the top ten. The mobile terminal transmission power list,,, ranked the top three, China; economic net, CNR network, youth online, Guangming, Chinese youth network, Taiwan network China into mobile communication on top ten. In the WeChat communication list, and Chinese economic net champion, runner up qualifying has not changed;, China daily,,, CNR network, Chinese network, youth online, Guangming spread into the WeChat top ten. In the micro-blog communication list,,, continue to sit tight top; youth online, China youth network,, CNR, Guangming, Taiwan, China Chinese network spread micro-blog followed in the top ten. China News Website Dissemination of the list of "tree coordinates, showing the strength of the site to spread, leading the network to spread the wind" as the concept, to better serve the development of news websites at all levels. For the convenience of communication, network communication "" magazine established a special list of QQ group: 243146041, set the contact hotline: 010-55635235, e-mail:, designate a person to answer your questions and each site. (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: