The doctor said the child can not see clearly, must wear glasses


year old Xiao Ming students because the class can not see the blackboard, specially from home to Beijing Tongren Hospital. After interrogation, the eye doctor judge Xiao Ming is suffering from "myopia" great possibility, need to go through the mydriatic optometry. Xiao Ming’s mother is very anxious: "why mydriasis? My child can be false myopia? Does myopia need to wear glasses?……" Ask six or seven questions in one breath, what is the child’s myopia?

Q1: why mydriasis?

first, we must clear the effect of mydriasis. Because the children’s eye ciliary muscle strong adjustment capacity, do not make mydriatic cycloplegic refraction, real may be concealed. Therefore, through the pupil can not only diagnosis of the type of refractive error (i.e. myopia and astigmatism), also can obtain accurate diopter.

Q2: after safe?

with no any harm to the eyes. Only a small part of the population (mostly elderly) due to anatomical characteristics of abnormal eyes, high intraocular pressure caused by mydriasis, seizure induced glaucoma, but is extremely rare in children.

Q3: fast scattered like? Slow dispersion is not good?

stands for "fast powder is mainly suitable for rapid mydriasis, older children and adults in optometry. The method is to close your eyes and sit, doctor minutes a rapid mydriasis drops, drops continuously after rest minutes can do first after mydriasis optometry examination, 6-8 hours to return to normal, then go to retest second days.

slow powder called "slow dilation", suitable for younger children especially with hyperopia and astigmatism, strabismus and amblyopia children. General use of atropine eye ointment, the doctor after by parents at home to give children some medicine, one day two times, for three days, fourth days for the first time from the first hospital of optometry, optometry examination date, the days to come back to the hospital. Slow muscle paralysis can make full control of mydriatic pupil contraction, the test results will be more accurate. It takes two to three weeks to return to normal after mydriasis.

the two way mydriasis there is no good and bad, to see the child’s age, the actual situation of the eye to choose.

Q4: what is the true myopia pseudomyopia


true myopia for organic change, not natural;