The driver on the way to drop 380 pounds of fat to help the police picked up the sword for pigs

The driver on the way to drop 380 pounds of fat to help the police picked up the sword leave pig Yangzi Evening News Network September 14th news (reporter Wan Lingyun correspondent Qiu Jianxin) 14, a pig transport truck after Runyang Bridge, because the lock fracture dropped a large pig head 380 pounds on the bridge, causing traffic chaos. But after the scene of a van, was down three pigs will be carried to the car and sped away. The owner found, immediately to the Zhenjiang traffic police brigade to highway two. Zhenjiang high-speed police rushed to search seized, in under the knife edge to save pigs for the slaughter, direct economic losses of three thousand yuan. The car fell off the big pig carried three people on the van in September 14th 11 pm, Zhenjiang traffic police brigade received two high-speed driver Wang alarm, said his driver’s license plate Zhejiang pig transport trucks carrying 95 pigs from Gaoyou to Ningbo. When the vehicle is traveling to Yangli high-speed Runyang Bridge, there is a big fat pig fell down from the car, a car license Zhenjiang van rear oncoming towed, is to the town of Jiangxi toll station direction, his inability to recover, only the police for help. Brigade command room side of the transfer of road monitoring tracking van, while promptly notify the police police Yin Ming went to the town of Jiangxi based cards interception. By monitoring found that happened in the morning of 11 pm, a large truck traveling from Yangzhou to Liyang direction to Runyang cable-stayed bridge stopped, closer to the camera saw the car a few hundred meters behind a big pig standing in the first lane. "It looks big pig fell senseless, motionless. In the past, the vehicle collision avoidance, causing chaos, alarming police told reporters, is a be struck dumb, about 7 minutes later, a passing van parked in the emergency lane, the car down two men, regardless of traffic raging at the first lane, pigs rushed to the emergency lane. After opening the trunk lid, the car three people together to carry on the pig van left the scene. During the truck driver of the van hands, but three people ignored. The police keep education representations final when the police arrived at the town of Jiangxi refused to refund the toll station, ask the toll station staff that van just has left the toll station. The vehicle license plate to the police through the inquiry, that the seizure of vehicles is the Zhenjiang local pig plate, immediately contact the owner online inquiry. Immediately made contact with the owner Chen, Chen initially said he was found no big pig, do not want to return. Inform the police, picked up the loss should be returned to the owner, and immediately found the pig is lost, if you refuse to return of unjust enrichment, should bear the responsibility. Finally, in the police earnest education and negotiations, Chen also agreed to pig. He told the police in MTE near a unit, ask the owner to bring. The police investigation of toll station in the town of Jiangxi, lost to pig truck toll station, police and together they carefully check the car, turned out to be a pig cage door shipment buckle fracture, resulting in the top layer of one pig drop high speed road. Then the driver Wang and guards a loading certificate and proof of animal quarantine will be handed over to the police inspection, show truck transport 95 pigs. An anxious said, with the owner of communication.相关的主题文章: