The eighth Chinese Western Animation Festival VR experts talk about talent training rainlendar

Chongqing engineering college party secretary Zhang Yeping speech   culture eighth China Western Animation Festival VR experts talk about talent; "VR technology is really amazing! Immersive people!" Yesterday, the "virtual reality" as the theme of "China’s Western Animation Festival and all media era talent science and technology development forum," held in Chongqing Institute of engineering. At the opening ceremony, the party secretary Zhang Yeping Chongqing Engineering Institute said that the forum aims to rely on China Western Animation Festival in the western national cultural event, including building a including enterprises, universities, government Chinese western scientific talent development platform, give full play to the Chongqing universities, the advantage of abundant talent reserves, the use of various media and enterprises in the technical innovation and industrial change advantages, to achieve full media age "research" closed loop, to ensure that the Chongqing Western Digital Media talent and technology advantages, boost Chongqing’s economic all-round rapid development. At the same time, Beijing Film Academy, director of game design department of the Ministry of culture immersed interactive animation (VR) deputy director of Key Laboratory of Professor Liu Yuejun, the "virtual reality" as the industry and personnel training to make a speech. He explained the concept of "virtual reality", and explained the difference between AR, VR and MR through specific cases. He believes that in 2016 as the first year of virtual reality technology, a new wave of technology is sweeping the globe. Virtual reality will bring revolutionary changes in the mode of production, lifestyle, and will subvert our future life." Chongqing dream library culture media company chairman Wang Ning, from the "how to develop VR industry" and "how to train the local Chongqing VR technology talents" two aspects, share your thoughts, "virtual reality industry rapid development, industry wide development space, brings us challenges at the same time, it provides the opportunity." In addition, in the afternoon, Chongqing Engineering College also held a "culture of outstanding works of broadcasting, film and television animation animation festival West National University broadcasting works selection and the" virtual reality technology education salon and other activities.相关的主题文章: