The elderly group in Sanya city migrant apartment shuttle car

The elderly group in Sanya city birds shuttle car and apartment one shuttle car luggage storage tube can be quite affordable price in Harbin is getting cold, many birds elderly has a good pack, ready to fly south. This year, unlike in previous years, a lot of migratory birds do not bother to go to search for the winter housing rental, but rented a local migrant elderly apartment. Here you can eat three meals a day, the room was cleaned, go out to visit attractions can also be organized…… Worry, is the main reason for choosing birds rent old apartment. According to incomplete statistics, Sanya city currently has 40% of the old apartment is full of birds. 1 rent increases, the birth of apartment pension because his wife is sick, the winter is not suitable for living in Harbin, we live in Hainan in winter. In March this year to Kazakhstan, the landlord said this winter to rising prices, rose to 300 yuan a month." Mid November to fly south aunt Liu Xiuqin told reporters. She counted, renting half an year to spend 2000 yuan. But the house has been rented for 5 years, familiar with the surrounding environment, if we change places, the two old people worried about the unfamiliar. Later, listening to old colleagues, she and his wife contacted several families, together with a local search for the elderly apartment in the town. It is reported that from last year, Sanya gradually promote the eradication of small property room work, leading to this winter, migrant housing rents rose about 10%. Many migratory birds, in addition to rising rents, coupled with water and electricity, gas and other expenses, it is better to live apartment pension cost. Eat 2 packets, 1500 yuan per person per month telephone interview with reporters yesterday, a number of migratory birds in Sanya that most of the old apartment, room rent for 5 to 6 months, 1500 yuan per person per month or 1600 yuan. About 3000 yuan per month about $two, including three meals a day, independent bathroom, cleaning the room every day, etc.. If you intend to continue to live in the next year, free luggage storage and shuttle bus, the old man from the airport or train station. The person in charge of Sanya red sand community an old apartment told reporters, in order to facilitate the elderly migratory time, they launched a different room package, more than half of the most cost-effective, the price of 1500 yuan, for short-term rental of 32 months, the price of around 2400 yuan. Phoenix Road, a resident of the elderly apartment is also responsible for the people of Harbin. She said the apartment’s 200 beds are fully booked. In order to adapt to the northeast old taste, three meals a day are stew, three dishes for lunch and dinner, and each have a hard dish of meat or fish. "". 3 with each other between the elderly pension, reporters learned that the city apartment occupancy birds elderly, many of them are old colleagues, relatives, old classmates together rent etc.. Aunt Yu Hongmin is a couple and two sisters, her brother-in-law, "the group" three housing endowment. The aunt said, the apartment is almost such company pension for the elderly, everyone on the age, if every day to buy food, take turns cooking, one is tired, two day is also account for more trouble, than to the apartment to take care of them).相关的主题文章: