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The Eleventh China airshow opening morning f -20 will be on display – Sohu news November 1 Zhuhai Xinhua (Qiu Yue) this morning, the eleventh session of China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (2016 Chinese airshow) will be held in Zhuhai. At present, more than and 700 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions have been fully in place, including aircraft, radar, missiles and other more than and 60 types of hundreds of weapons and equipment have been waiting for the opening service. The show is showcasing the latest achievements of Chinese defense industry, the f -20 stealth fighter, the whole CM-302 supersonic missile and other exhibits on public display for the first time. In October 28th, Chinese air force spokesman Shen said, in the China airshow, air force test pilot will drive f -20 aircraft flight display, it will be China independently developed a new generation of stealth fighter debut. It is reported that this morning, will be carried out during the airshow f -20 first official flight display. In addition to outside air force fighter -20, Bayi aerobatic team will f -10 offer a good flight performance. In addition, the British "red arrow", Russia’s "Warriors" and "swift", Pakistan’s "four Xiaolong" aerobatic team will also offer stunts. Among them, the "warrior" and "swift" mixed fleet for the first time of flight performance outside russia. In the static display area, the air force China just entered service near the domestic large transport transport -20 for the first time for the public to static display, repeatedly went to the offshore training boom -6K bombers debut in the new generation system of AWACS air marshals -500 at the Zhuhai airshow in the exhibition. In addition to the outside of the aircraft, the static display area will also display long-range air-to-air missile, cruise missile, changjon -20, Eagle -63B and other types of missiles by CM-302 whole supersonic missile China Aerospace Science and Industry Group R & D for the first time to meet with the public. In terms of the UAV, in addition to the "pterosaur -1" and "-2, -3" pterosaur "rainbow," rainbow -4 "star models, the latest domestic police hit one of the drones" rainbow -5 "unveiled. In addition, the solar UAV and the "rainbow -805" high speed stealth drone and other products are unveiled this show. The air show for the first time open up nearly 10 football fields of dynamic demonstration area is large, the audience will be able to see the development of Chinese ordnance industry group VT-4 main battle tanks, VN12 tracked infantry fighting vehicles and other more than and 10 different types of tanks and armored assault vehicle dynamic exercise, showing "tank running" spectacular.相关的主题文章: