The emperor bestowed on pension card witness the Qing Dynasty dinner banquet – Painting – peo

The emperor bestowed on pension card   witness the dinner banquet – Painting – original title: Secret of the Qing Dynasty emperor bestowed on pension card dinner banquet of the Qing Dynasty witnessed the original title: "father emperor Yuci" secret endowment Capital Museum has a collection of cards China given the silver pension card in Qing dynasty. This pension card witnessed the history of the Qing dynasty grand dinner banquet. This gold Yuci pension card, 13.5 cm long, 8.3 cm wide, Beijing Chaoyang District City, Gaobeidian Xiang Rong Lu (Rong Lu, minister in the late Qing Dynasty, Pu Yi’s grandfather) unearthed from the tomb. This card is made of silver alloy, oval, with Ruyi auspicious clouds like the card first, on both sides of each ear shaped hole, can be used for hanging. Card body positive decoration is divided into two layers, the outer layer on both sides of the high relief groups, as long as the longevity, Ipomoea, mouth tongue, momentum vivid, body scales engraved and carved Seiko is strict in demands. The inscription "the emperor bestowed on cast endowment", the back engraved with the inscription "Bingchen in Tai Chi Temple dinner banquet twelve". The 60 year of the reign of emperor Qian Long, he inherited the song and Ming era began the official retirement system, the retired official preferential treatment, in favor of the emperor Qian Long regarded, do the "dinner banquet" is leading the national respect for fashion. Dinner banquet begins with Kangxi, Sheng in the Qianlong period, Qing Dynasty is the largest, and most of the grand royal banquet feast. According to the Convention, every fifty years to hold a dinner banquet. According to historical records, Qian Longdi said the "Imperial Grand", had held a dinner banquet in the palace of heavenly purity. Banquet scene is unprecedented. The old man was invited about three thousand, there is a kinsman of the emperor in these people, a former veteran, who has the folk Beijing old man. During the meeting, Qian Long with the participants and their poetry, playing the "dinner banquet movement" etc.. This is the first year of Jiaqing silver medal by the system, so there is a "title on the emperor". The silver medal by the house craftsmen with silver skin on die making a "Yuci endowment," four words by the then Chancellor of the exchequer and scholar Agui writing. Silver medal was awarded to the feast from the age of 70 to more than 90 years of age, to commemorate the event. The old man every five years of age, the silver medal for a grade, respectively, reward of 10 two, 15 two, 20 two, 25 two, two pension silver side. It is said that, by this token can be located in its government withdraw pension costs. The Qing Dynasty has expressly provided preferential treatment for the elderly, such as elderly students give full pay retirement Juren, officials. There are cases of "Qing Hui Dian" "kept" statutes, regulations: where should be convicted, if the family of grandparents, parents are over the age of seventy, or a widowed mother feast has been more than twenty years, and no adult male and juvenile boy at home, can apply for not sentenced to death, not to try to avoid an exile, no offspring care for parents or offspring from the vast old man. But if the victim is elderly parents or suffering from a disease, just like criminals sentenced to sin, not let the elderly victims feel unfair. (Li Xungang) source: Xi’an evening news (commissioning editor: Dong Zilong and Lu Jing)相关的主题文章: