The evolution track and the characteristics of the times of Marx’s localization in China Theory and

Marx’s Chinese the evolution and characteristics of the times – Theory – original title: evolution and characteristics of the times "Marx doctrine China of Western learning" theory of Marx’s role in promoting the so-called "Chinese East" mainly refers to 1840 after the Opium War, modern western humanities theory and theory, especially in modern communication Western political, economic and legal thought in the China. From this theory can be seen on the role of "Western learning" to promote the spread of the Marx doctrine in the China play. "Western learning" to promote the dissemination of Marx in the Chinese. The Marx doctrine was introduced into Chinese after the Opium War in the "West" of the trend, then China exchanges with the west mainly rely on the "West" of the people. These people have a different purpose in China or western, but in the cultural exchange collision and ideology, brought Marx philosophy for Chinese. Although the introduction of this period is still a kind of unconscious, fragmentary fragmentation, no system, but it has sown seeds in china. "East" verifies the rationality of the Marx doctrine of China. In the "West" of the tide, China thought seems to be an arena, the culture of the countries is thought to play here, the final victory is the Marx doctrine, because modern intellectuals see other ideas for Chinese conditions. They think the revolutionary China, no matter how advanced the doctrine of Marx, is not the same, should make it combine with Chinese traditional culture, has formed China features and is suitable for China practical ideas. "Western learning" to promote the emergence of Marx Chinese intellectuals. Because of the "Western learning form a great impact on the China traditional culture and new culture movement occurred in the process of Chinese, while the center force activities is Marx’s successor, Chen Duxiu Hu Shi, like Li Dazhao, etc.. They are not in the dissemination of the Everything is going smoothly. from all walks of life, but by the opposition, but also is in this process, more determined Marx’s intellectual determination, Mark intellectuals team got stronger. The theory of "the essential difference between the East" and the Marx doctrine of two different China. The first "Western learning" in the "Western learning" can be said to be specifically modern European and American countries social science and humanism; and the Marx doctrine "mainly refers to by Marx Engels in 1840s, founded the theory of scientific socialism", while Marx and Engels’s theory, we can see a lot of "Western" elements, but it is only the form of the. In essence, the Marx philosophy is no longer a term of geographical restrictions, it is closely linked with the history of the world situation and the times, "the realization of the theory in a country is determined by the degree theory to meet the need of this country". The purpose and social nature of the two different. "The west" of the western theory is not that advanced, not science, but they are not at the time in the way China Intellectual Confusion in the. The purpose of Marx’s Sinicization is to use the Chinese version of Mark"相关的主题文章: