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The farmer caught 33 wa was sentenced to six months detention called for "a wa – Beijing because caught 33 wa farmers in Suichang, Huang stood on the dock. Suichang court held that Hwang in the hunting period of use banned hunting methods provincial protected animal, if the circumstances are serious, have constituted the crime of illegal hunting, in accordance with the relevant laws and sentenced to six months imprisonment, suspended for one year. The evening of June 20th this year, Huang alone riding a motorcycle came to Suichang County Shi Lian village in the town, with a flashlight and a machete arrested along the river road. From eight pm to eleven points, a total of yellow caught 33 WA, a total of 8.4 pounds. Huang said, just to catch his wa craving". A bit in the morning, Huang Suichang county road just met? Mouth Township, township police station police set up checkpoints mouth?. Hwang confessed his catch wa fact, was transferred to Suichang County Forest Public Security bureau. By the professional accreditation body, 33 wa Huang illegal hunting of the national "three" wild animal protection, the protection of Zhejiang province animal spinosa. In addition according to the provisions of Suichang, from April 1st to August 31st for the county’s wild animal hunting period, and the prohibited hunting of birds and amphibians of wild animal. "Really did not expect to catch a few Shiwa just break the law, we have been caught, have been all right." In court, Huang argued that. In fact, in the State Forestry Administration issued the "three animal protection list" provisions, not only many kinds of common wild animal WA, are protected by law. For example, toads, sparrows, snakes, weasels, hedgehog, as many as 1700 species. According to the "Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues concerning the specific application of law in the trial of criminal cases, destruction of wild animal resources in the interpretation of" regulations, in violation of regulations in the sanctuary, hunting, hunting or hunting tools, use disabled, illegal hunting of wild animal belonging to more than 20 "serious". In accordance with the relevant provisions of the "criminal law", will be sentenced to three years imprisonment, criminal detention, public surveillance or be fined. Correspondent Weng Jiafeng newspaper reporter Sheng Wei相关的主题文章: