The feather of gold F4 box with Bao Chunlai movie roles like Lin Dan to steal the spotlight-dingxiangwuyuetian

The feather of gold F4 with box like Lin Dan Bao Chunlai movie role Qiangjing Tencent entertainment news on September 12th, by Wang Jingchun, Bao Chunlai, Wang Sen, starring Qiao Xin, producer Wang Xiaoshuai, director of the film "Yan Xusheng strikes" premiere in Beijing, which is China’s first sports movie in badminton is the core theme of the world champion Bao Chunlai playing like badminton life. Lin Dan Fu Haifeng, a former national team friends brother country feather gold F4 platform, although Cai Yun could not attend, slightly regret, but the golden generation, three again with the box has been enough to tear. The Olympic champion Zhang Nan, Chen Long also came as brother Bao Chunlai back, will premiere in the country feather event. Men’s table tennis coach Liu Guoliang also personally practice "Pingyu not treated", Bao Chunlai personally for the platform. Lin Dan with the country feather Olympic champion Bao Chunlai F4 gold group Qiangjing three missing a lift "strikes" memories kill premiere, producer Wang Xiaoshuai, director Yan Xusheng, and Bao Chunlai, Wang Sen, Rain Lee, Wang Yizhe, Xiao Yan Bo many fresh flowers appeared, although Wang Jingchun and Liu Xiaoguang failed to attend the opening ceremony, but also asked the director at the scene for they invite more viewers into the theater to watch "strikes". Wang Jingchun and Liu Xiaoguang, Tokyo actor and comedian Biao play the same stage, make the film more entertaining and interesting, plus the world champion, former badminton player Bao Chunlai wonderful interpretation of the audience, "strikes" concern about the continuing rise. The world champion and former national champion Bao Chunlai "strikes" and don’t worry about the premiere attention. As Bao Chunlai’s first starring movie, "war" hit movies not only attracted more attention, especially the vibration of sport Chinese badminton. Lin Dan, Fu Haifeng, Zhang Nan, Chen long, to help guests uniform national Olympic champion, Bao Chunlai unveiled a number of badminton fitness brothers. The first red carpet and Bao Chunlai as a heavyweight guests played the national badminton team, the interval of many "strikes" creative, in the voice of Bao Chunlai fans, through the crowd, walked up to Lin Dan, and the country feather brothers with the box. Lin Dan, Bao Chunlai, Cai Yun, Fu Haifeng, and said the gold F4, propped up the best time of the country feather, they had to let the badminton is China’s world, the same box, attracted the fans of the collective recall. These have made China’s badminton world hero, has long been engraved in the memory of a generation of youth. Although the little box with Cai Yun, can not help but regret, but the netizen said: This is a shortcoming of the United States, F3 fit has tears eye, some country feather fans on the spot called "tears to see this scene, so moved". Lin Dan also said in an interview, the training is very busy, although the mind for the small abalone, but not too many opportunities to meet you, this movie "strikes" asked the blessing, we can reunite. With the champion can do actor Bao Chunlai: I play Lin Dan’s first film "life Chinese strikes" badminton, badminton world champion once invited to starring Bao Chunlai, for badminton lovers praised. Bao Chunlai said the character is not like himself, blurted out more like Lin Dan. Some time ago, the badminton team returned from Rio, Bao Chunlai rushed to the fans, grabbed Lin Dan by the airport fire video. "Hit the war" premiere backstage bao.相关的主题文章: