The first day of resumption LETV price highs fell 1.12%

DoNews January 16th news (reporter to close) LETV (300104.SZ) stock on Monday opening date for restoration, the opening price of 36.88 yuan, to close at 35.40 yuan, fell 1.12%, the total market value of 70 billion 200 million yuan.

addition, the founding of China opened this morning, 6.65 Hong Kong dollars, compared with the previous trading day fell by 8.8%, before the end of the transaction of 2 million 560 thousand shares, turnover of HK $17 million 50 thousand. As of 16:05, financial record Chinese shares fell HK $0.590 to HK $6.700, down by 8.09%.

1 13 evening, music, as announced the acquisition of strategic investment of RMB 16 billion 800 million yuan, of which China’s music into the music as a result of investment of $15 billion, Le ran investment and China life together to the music as a total investment of 1 billion 800 million yuan, a total of about $16 billion 800 million.

Strategy Conference in January 15th, said Jia Yueting introduced the cooperation between the two sides of the details, the next stage of the music has a very important goal, hope a few years, hundreds of billions of dollars into real eco club, either revenue or market value, Chinese become the earliest breakthrough of hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue of the company, A stock market exceeded 100 billion dollars market value of the company.