The girl lived eight years want to let mother enjoy Cave (video) winpm

The girl lived eight years want to let mother enjoy cave there is a clever sensible girl, named Li Juxiang, she has a pair of bright eyes, a good and strong heart. She was born in a cave, and living in a cave for about 8 years. 10 years ago, his father ran away from home, sister married, and his mother has been suffering from schizophrenia. The 16 year old with her tender shoulders propped up the house reduced to fragments. Li Juxiang was born in Guangxi, Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County town of Lotus Village Chong Ling hole village, is one of the most impoverished village in Guilin city. Due to the housing collapse, Lee was poor, had moved into a natural cave near the village. This move, the family lived for more than 20 years. Li Juxiang lived in the cave for about 8 years now, she also used to hoe. She found the cave was her memories of a lifetime. Li Juxiang 6 years old that year, his father suddenly disappeared, originally suffering from mild schizophrenia mother, become more serious. "That is the year, my sister went to the town to buy meters out of the car accident, spent more than 20 thousand yuan." Originally sister provoked family burden, all fell on the shoulders of Li Juxiang. For Li Juxiang to do farm work. 6 years old this flowery age, the children have been around the school, and Li Juxiang chose to help at home". Home for about 4 acres of persimmon, in addition kind of villagers help picking, she will beat pesticides, mowing and fertilization etc.. She got up early to cook, vegetable farming, mining morning tea, afternoon mountain wood and picking wild herbs; harvest season, going to the village to help people packing orange, persimmon at night, wrapped in 300, can get 7 yuan of money. "Sometimes the cold cold wear a pair of sandals, a pair of hands are frozen rotten, see all the heartache." The village Party branch secretary Zhao said, the villagers see her poor, often send clothes, take food to her. Until the age of 8, in the village and help, three cement brick built house, one family moved out of the cave. In the same year, she walked into the school, now 16 years old, she read in the lotus town. Not easily won school life, she cherish each semester, she was not the first test, test second. The picture shows Li Juxiang helping her mother with her hair. In 2011, 21 year old sister married, married fellow an honest man, there is a new home. Unfortunately, her husband drove into people, with about 100000 yuan, since the family is still in debt. She learned more than 10 kinds of herbs, often go back to spare. She said, this can save a lot of money. In the eyes of others, Li Juxiang was born poor, strange life, but she was tired, but very strong and the sun unlimited. Usually, she is a smile. Because there are too many twists and turns, let Li Juxiang know more about the poor children as early as the family". So, in addition to her learning, housework, mountain wood, also took the initiative to Haruki packaging fruit family. And the "most beautiful cave girl story, slowly in the locality. The local government also gave her family to enjoy the low and double female ligation award help treatment, and help her family built a new house. But shortly before his father came home, but often "talk rubbish", also accounted for a new house. Li Juxiang and his mother had to live in the village and help people to help build the old house. Not long ago, someone went to shoot Li Juxiang DV. Facing the camera, she tells a truth: "I want to have相关的主题文章: