The global promotion activities in Sichuan triggered a warm response — the Sichuan channel —

Sichuan Province in the global promotion activities caused by the enthusiastic response – Sichuan channel — original title: Sichuan province global promotion activities caused by the enthusiastic response "open China: Sichuan? The world" global promotion activities caused by the enthusiastic response — "a lot of people like a kind of giant panda love love Sichuan!" On the afternoon of September 28th, in the global opening ceremony of "open China: see Sichuan and see the world" held in the blue Hall of the Ministry of foreign affairs, foreign minister Wang Yixin received a "foreign recruits" — "giant panda". The second day, the "recruits" and foreign ministers appeared together with the "China Daily", the official "performance". "Here, to know Sichuan, love Sichuan", from province to province, from domestic to international, "Sichuan day" triggered by the "blue Hall effect" — "continuous fermentation for home tie up" Sichuan, hometown people around the world are concerned about. "Give me the hometown of flesh and blood, unforgettable forever. I am from Sichuan, I am proud! " Storytelling artist Li Boqing forwarding and comments on the "Sichuan? The world" propaganda, get the majority of fans of fans. Jane Zhang, Li Danyang, Reno Wang, Fan Jianchuan, Chen Ou and other Chuan Chuan V launched a promotional report on micro-blog and recommended the charm of Sichuan to netizens. Sina micro-blog statistics show that the "Sichuan global show" micro topic reading at present more than 16 million 780 thousand, received more than 2.6 comments. Sichuan Provincial Communist Youth League official micro-blog in the event theme launched # we Sichuan # interactive topic discussion, as of 29 PM, reading has reached 25 million, the amount of discussion 13 thousand. "Sichuan has changed dramatically, and today’s new Sichuan is a paradise for everyone to enjoy!" President Du Zhiqiang attended the Tianfu Singapore promotion activities. He said that more than half of Tianfu will be Sichuan townships. No matter where they are, they must set up a better and better Sichuan for the world. "To introduce ourselves to the world shows that the people of Sichuan are united and open and confident, and let me be excited by the Sichuan tour in the capital." Xiang Daohua, director of the Chinese teaching and Research Department of China Foreign Affairs University, is a person in Pingchang, Bazhong. These two days he continued to pay attention to the promotion. He said he would continue to introduce beautiful home to foreign students and friends. Seeing is believing "through music, to more friends introduced me to Chengdu." After the introduction, Jane Zhang forwarded the latest micro-blog of the official micro-blog of Sichuan daily on its micro-blog in his micro-blog. Fans in the comments in succession, not only to introduce the big Chengdu, but also to introduce the big Mianyang, the big Zigong… The word "big" is not only a widely used idiom in Sichuan dialect, but also a traditional mindset that Sichuan people are willing to open, open and open. Wang Feipeng, a doctor who studies ancient Chinese studies, said that this is closely related to the open genes in Sichuan’s bones. Whether it’s the ancient southern silk road or the Northern Silk Road, Sichuan plays an important role in Sichuan. The ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in China, Anton Lille, said diplomats called a standard of incompetence, that is, "do not know Sichuan". In his view, 316 of the top 500 enterprises in the world are gathered. The charm of Sichuan is not only giant pandas, gourmet and beautiful scenery, but Sichuan’s greatest strength is excellent investment environment. Today, the total number of foreign invested enterprises in Sichuan has exceeded 1 million. Quiet night "has already become history. Today’s Sichuan traffic is well developed, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport has opened 90 International (regional) routes, with more than 6000 kilometers of the highway. "Its mountain stone _57261" said, "the introduction of the activities for us to show the real Sichuan, we not only have good mountain good water, but also a good industry good environment." "Seeing is believing, invite friends, looking forward to go to Sichuan to see, I believe you personally feel Sichuan will be better than today, see Sichuan more exciting, more beautiful." Wang Dongming, the Secretary of the provincial Party committee, sent an invitation to the world. What is the "Sichuan" in reading the opportunity of Sichuan? Sichuan is the river, the plain refers to the plain, the Sichuan symbolizes the road, and the Sichuan means the journey. On the promotion, the Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee and Yin Li, the governor of the Provincial Committee, won extensive approval of the 4 interpretations of the "Chuan". "The introduction of the activities made the world reunderstand Sichuan." Chuan Bao observed the netizen "old naughty boy" point to Yin Li’s "Sichuan" new interpretation, "Sichuan abbreviated Sichuan. There are 4 meanings in Sichuan. Read the meaning of the 4 "Sichuan" and understand Sichuan. Read the referrals well, the world will know Sichuan, go into Sichuan, develop Sichuan, live in Sichuan, and fall in love with Sichuan! " Laouali, a journalist from China Africa news exchange center, is one of 55 foreign journalists on that day. Although he has been to the blue hall several times, he has not yet seen such a crowded blue hall. "The high-tech industry in Sichuan gives me a bright eye." Although he has never been to Sichuan, Laouali has been touched by the 8 minute "watching Sichuan watching the world". He decided to know more about Sichuan and enhance communication between Sichuan and Africa through his own reports. "Whether it is foreign capital attention to China, or Chinese investment in the external market, Sichuan is a priority to pay attention to the layout." Mei Xinyu, a researcher at the Ministry of Commerce and international trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute, believes that under the uncertainty of Global trade, China’s foreign trade performance continues to outperform the global average level, while Sichuan’s foreign trade performance is better than the national average level. "In recent years, Sichuan’s development is based on profound economic and social basic changes, plus the policy of Yangtze River economic belt and free trade area construction. Sichuan’s economic status is facing historic change opportunities." Reporter Zhang Dongyang fan Yin Peng original title: "Sichuan day" for the blue Hall effect continues (commissioning editor Yuan Hanling and Gao Hongxia)

四川省全球推介活动引发热烈反响–四川频道–人民网 原标题:四川省全球推介活动引发热烈反响   “开放的中国:看四川?看世界”全球推介活动引发热烈反响――   “很多人会像喜欢大熊猫一样爱上四川的!”9月28日下午,在外交部蓝厅举行的“开放的中国:看四川?看世界”全球推介活动上,外交部长王毅新收了一名“外交新兵”――大熊猫“看看”。第二天,这名“新兵”就和外长一起亮相《中国日报》,正式“履职”。   “在这里,重新认识四川、爱上四川”,从省内到省外,从国内到国际,“四川日”引发的“蓝厅效应”持续发酵――   为家乡“扎起”   四川的事,身处世界各地的家乡人都在关注。“给我血肉的故乡,永生难忘。我是四川人,我骄傲!”评书艺术家李伯清转发并评论了“看四川?看世界”宣传片,得到广大粉丝的拥趸。张靓颖、李丹阳、王铮亮、樊建川、陈欧等川籍大V纷纷在微博上转发关于推介活动的报道,向网友推荐四川的魅力。   新浪微博的统计数据显示,“四川全球秀”微话题阅读量目前超过1678万,收到评论2.6万余条。共青团四川省委官方微博以此次活动为主题发起的#我们四川#互动话题讨论,截至29日下午,阅读量已达2500万,讨论量1.3万。“四川已经发生天翻地覆的改变,今日的新四川是让人人都喜欢的天府天堂!”新加坡天府会会长杜志强参加完推介活动意犹未尽。他说,天府会半数以上都是四川老乡,不管身在何处,都要为家乡“扎起”,向世界推介更加精彩、更加美好的四川。“向世界推介自己,表明了四川人民团结奋斗与开放自信的心态,让我这个在京城的四川游子倍感振奋。”外交学院汉语教研室主任向道华是巴中平昌人,这两天他持续关注了推介活动。他表示,自己将继续向外国学生和友人介绍美丽家乡。   百闻不如一见   “要通过音乐,给更多的朋友介绍我大成都。”推介活动结束后,张靓颖在其微博转发了四川日报官方微博关于推介活动的最新微博。粉丝们在评论中纷纷表示,不仅要介绍大成都,还要介绍大绵阳、大自贡……“‘大’字不仅是目前四川话中广泛而独特的用语习惯,更蕴含着川人愿意开放、勇于开放、乐于开放的传统心态。”专注古代汉语研究的四川大学博士王飞朋说,这与四川人骨子里的开放基因密切相关,不管是古代的南方丝绸之路还是北方丝绸之路,四川都担当重要角色。   波黑驻华大使安东?里尔认为外交官称不称职的一个标准,就是“了不了解四川”。在他看来,聚集了世界500强企业中的316家,四川的魅力不止是大熊猫、美食、美景,四川最大的优势是优良的投资环境。如今,四川的外商投资企业已累计突破1万家。“蜀道难”早已成历史。今天的四川交通发达,成都双流国际机场已开通国际(地区)航线90条,拥有超过6000公里的高速公路。网友“它山之石_57261”说,“推介活动为我们展现了真实的四川,我们不仅有好山好水,还有好产业好环境。”“百闻不如一见,诚挚邀请、热切期待各位朋友到四川走一走看一看,相信你们亲身感受到的四川,一定会比今天看到听到的四川更加精彩、更加美好。”省委书记王东明在推介活动上向世界发出了邀请。   读懂四川机遇   “川”是什么?川是河流,川指平原,川象征道路,川寓意征程。推介活动上,省委副书记、省长尹力对“川”字的4个解释赢得广泛赞同。“推介活动让世界重新认识了四川。”川报观察网友“老顽童”点赞尹力的“川”字新解,“四川简称川。川有4个意思。读懂了这4个‘川’的意思,就了解了四川。好好读读推介辞,世界一定会了解四川,走进四川,兴业四川,安居四川,爱上四川!”   中非新闻交流中心记者拉瓦利是当天55名外国记者之一,尽管来过蓝厅几次,但是这样“拥挤”的蓝厅,他还没遇到过。“四川的高科技产业让我眼前一亮。”尽管没有到过四川,但拉瓦利已经被8分钟“看四川?看世界”宣传片打动了,他决定多了解四川,通过自己的报道增进四川和非洲的交流。   “无论是外资瞩目中国,还是中资放眼外部市场,四川都是一个值得重视的布局重点。”商务部国际贸易经济合作研究院研究员梅新育认为,在全球贸易存在很大不确定性的情况下,中国外贸的表现继续优于全球平均水平,而四川外贸表现则优于全国平均水平。“近年来四川的发展建立在深刻的经济社会基础变革之上,再加上长江经济带、自贸区建设等政策利好,四川经济地位迎来历史性变革机遇。”   本报记者 张立东 阳帆 殷鹏   原标题:“四川日”让蓝厅效应持续发酵 (责编:袁菡苓、高红霞)相关的主题文章: