The Golden Eagle Festival Yang Mi claimed Yuan Hong wanted Hu Ge to win the prize. superrecovery

The Golden Eagle Festival Yang Mi claimed Yuan Hong hope Hu Ge prize man Sina entertainment news on October 14th, the eleventh session of the China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival and the twenty-eighth Golden Eagle opened the curtain in Changsha. The opening ceremony was presided over by Zhu Jun [micro-blog], Wei Zhehao, Liang tian. The most popular Golden Eagle goddess of flowers Tang Yan [micro-blog], she said it one or two days earlier than we know he became the "goddess", "very bluntly surprise", this is also recognized for their shoot a lot of drama. If you want to get the gold? "Of course I want to! But I still have a long way to go." In addition, "real man" second season Yang Mi [micro-blog], Sun Yang, Qi in uniform appearance, Yang Mi bluntly female training is very hard, he is also a man". [micro-blog] Yuan Hong and wife married the first time micro-blog and Xinyi Zhang [] appeared together hair sugar, do not forget to become good candidates for the Golden Eagle Award as the emperor bestie Hu said: "he took my prize than he was happy, please let him eat a big meal!" A golden eagle goddess Tang Yan bluntly take a surprise gold? Of course I want to! At the opening, Tang Yan dressed in elegant golden dress first gorgeous debut. Her long skirt mopping the floor, slowly going out in the dream stage, take action to the "Golden Eagle", the Golden Eagle Festival opened the curtain. She is Tang Yan after Liu Yifei [micro-blog], Li Xiaolu [micro-blog], Wang Luodan [micro-blog], Liu Shishi [micro-blog], Zhao Liying [micro-blog], as the new Golden Eagle goddess. Then Tang Yan interviewed by the media, become the Golden Eagle goddess very bluntly "lucky", "happy", "before I took a lot of drama, a golden eagle goddess, is also recognized for me." She also revealed that his film "battle front flavor wild God of cookery" to meet with the audience in the new year will, is currently shooting the movie "Raiders" in europe. It is reported that the "European Raiders" directed by Ma Chucheng [micro-blog], [micro-blog],, starring Tang Yan, is also the "Raiders series" third movies. Before Tang Yan was announced as the Golden Eagle goddess, the Golden Eagle goddess of flowers who have always been a hot topic. According to Tang Yan revealed that, in fact, they are one or two days earlier than the audience to know the results, so very pleasant surprise. The Golden Eagle goddess dress their beautiful, Tang Yan very satisfied, also thank the clothing of the teachers pay, "they say this dress takes one month to make." Now the "goddess", Tang Yan also said with a smile, you certainly want to get the gold, "but I’m still a long way ahead, if there is a reward, it is also very happy." Uniform Sun Yang Jiang kifo [micro-blog] Qi Jing salute Yang Mi: female man is bitter! "Real man" is about to launch the second season, Yang Mi, Sun Yang, Jiang Jinfu and Shen Mengchen Qi wear air force uniform, also appeared on the scene. Previously, Yang Mi, Liyan Tong, Shen Mengchen, Zhang [micro-blog] blueheart [micro-blog] and other female artists announced to join the military reality show "real man", causing many users attention, usually sweet female stars, can withstand the hard life in the army? You know, in the first season, Guo Xiaodong military origin [micro-blog] and played soldier Baoqiang Wang et al [micro-blog], have been cruelly toss. When the lord.相关的主题文章: