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The high price paid high   the industry calls for the star rating and supervision of tax evasion, entertainment channel, Beijing in September 2,   (Tang Ping) recently, CCTV news reports "actor price paid", the domestic actors "astronomical paycheck" industry unspoken rule again to the public eye. The report also has just started in the costume drama such as "Yi biography" as an example, Wallace Huo and Xun Zhou were alleged to take 150 million fee. On the same day, the State Press and publication administration party issued a patrol rectification briefing, informed also pointed to resolutely curb the high price paid. So, whether the domestic actors are high in what position? What is the impact of the high cost of actors in the film and television industry and broadcast platform? The high salary of this chronic problem and what prescription can be? To this end, the people’s entertainment channel reporter interviewed a number of production agencies, broadcast agencies, industry observers, trying to present this phenomenon from multiple angles, and explore the solution. Wallace Huo Xun Zhou Howe brought 150 million yuan fee in August 26th, CCTV news channel broadcast a special news broadcast recently pointed out that the "-" "Zhu Xian Yun Zhi" "Nine" sky city "old nine door" and other hit series uniform popular stars, actors frequently break tens of millions of dollars. Filming in August just as "Yi Zhuan", actress Wallace Huo and Xun Zhou is divided up the $150 million price paid". Renowned director Lu Chuan said: "the actors are very terrible now, like an actor for someone to take 889, already is a very common thing. With all the stars really can not afford, it is possible to take away 1/3 of the production cost." Coincidentally, Hongkong director Wu Siyuan issued the same concerns: "most of the film paycheck has more than half, or even sixty or seventy per cent, making fewer resources." CCTV broadcast on the same day, SARFT issued a notice on the rectification of the patrol. The notification referred to resolutely curb the "super" star paycheck and show off problem. Which is more clear guidance Industry Association of the major film companies to develop resistance to "price" paid industry self-discipline. Fans economy blitz video website push up some scholars believe that the excessive development of a fan of the economy, but also an important cause of "fire" actors. Some Chupin and producers blindly exaggerate the importance of fans of a work, that there are a large number of fans of the popular actor in the film and television works with the innate ability of misappropriating. However, from the three summer youth film "powerful popular actors youth 2" "Li" "Ma Lu? Know there are trees in summer and hope to heaven" collective contract can get a glimpse of the release fans spending power is not at all the works on the idol. This is also made Xun Zhou and Wallace Huo paid 150 million such as "Yi biography", reported that it had not started in 1 billion 350 million, the recovery of royalties, Jiangsu satellite TV and Oriental TV, a single set of 3 million per set, 90 sets sold 540 million; video website, Tencent and Youku share 9 million each set price, jointly invested 810 million. For actors相关的主题文章: