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The innovation of cross-border integration into the development trend of   to " " publisher – media – chat personnel by original title: listen to "champion" talked personnel by the editorial recently, "cross-border integration – innovation?? publishing talent development trend" as the theme of the Fifth China Taofen publishing Talent Forum falls under the curtain, the era of print media Limited by Share Ltd editor Lin Qingfa et al won the essay prize forum. The first prize essay written what? What are these "champion" publishing talent? How do they train talent through their daily work? This special edition launched the first prize winner of special reports, and listen to their voice and speech. Lin Qing sent using the platform to nurture talent training Lin Qingfa sentiment: talent training needs of enterprises with strategic vision and industrial structure, more need to carry forward the artisan spirit, build forward-looking policy, practical measures, systematic method and scientific system, so that people have the opportunity to exercise, and enhance the power stage to display space, growth. Times publishing media Limited by Share Ltd in the digital publishing in the forefront of the country, for digital publishing personnel training also has a lot of innovative practice. As the chief editor of the company, Lin Qing has his own thoughts and opinions on the development of digital publishing talents. He wrote by "integration under the background of the development of publishing digital publishing enterprises: An Empirical Study of the personnel training system in the era of print media Limited by Share Ltd for example" one article, recently at the fifth session of Taofen publishing talent first prize essay activities in the high-end forum. "Chinese news publication newspaper" reporter on the current press digital publishing personnel training present situation, problems and Countermeasures of the problem, the era of print media companies have what practices and experience for reference, an interview with Lin Qing. Five points to crack the problem of culture publishing units can successfully transition integration development, the first in the talent team is not able to achieve the concept of change, skills and business to enhance the steering. In Lin Qingfa opinion, at present, the publishing industry to develop digital publishing talent problem is mainly reflected in the concept is not new, resources are not enough, the mechanism does not live, lack of motivation, methods and so on. How to crack the problem of digital publishing personnel training, Lin Qing has his own thinking, he proposed to grasp the "combination point" "traction point" "support point" "foothold" and "resonance point" of these five points. "Combination point" refers to the publishing enterprises to achieve a real change in the concept of digital publishing in the publishing industry in the precise positioning, the value chain embedded in the digital publishing value. The so-called traction point, is to stimulate the vitality of human resources, power system mechanism, is the total switch". According to the characteristics of the digital publishing industry tailored system measures to play the incentive role of the system, so that the theory of digital publishing talent is not divorced from practice, and now is not divorced from the future. The project is a "point", to exercise and training talents in the project, but the key is not instant success, but persevere. Enterprises in the use of resources, not eyebrows beard, to look at itself is an advantage in platform construction, still have the advantage in the marketing, or have an advantage in technology research and development. )相关的主题文章: