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The little apprentice Du Haitao Lolita school hip-hop lightning lad first station – Sohu   entertainment festival gold medal; Du Haitao Lolita small apprentice school hip-hop Sohu entertainment news in August 25th, "National Youth Arts Festival, Huanglong hole to" pop dance performances and "lightning lad" China top idol dance raise plan the first station ground launched selection ups in Zhangjiajie Huanglong Cave scenic area Hallelujah hall. From all over the country 18 dance team a high, for the highest honor to fight, share of the 400 thousand Arts Development fund. Du Haitao "Apprentice" small Lolita gold dance strength gains grand slam with Lollipop three a little princess, the host Du Haitao could not help but "Apprentice", with lovely scene dance, adorable and attentive to the children in continuous laughter hallelujah. "In fact, I am also a dancer," said Du Haitao, he has always liked to touch the new trend of things, to see so many children like hip-hop, particularly happy. As a member of "happy family", Du Haitao also knows the importance of team cooperation, and hard core, "Qi dance is also a member of the team spirit, the tacit understanding between the degree and the coordinated ability determines the team’s performance, we also reflect not plain hard work" from the match to today’s popular star host, Du Haitao also shared their experiences, "now there is such a good platform to show their hope for the future, no matter how far, the children are flat mentality, work hard. "With the competition, everybody or cute or cool jazz dance performances that the total results more exciting showdown. Finally, from Xinjiang lightning dance "Mr. almost" combination of stage performance with solid basic skills, excellent teamwork and contagious, winning the "dragon cup gold", at the same time also gained the best creative dance, the most potential, the most dance dance, made the most style of dance, the most vigorous Dance Troupe of five individual awards, become worthy of the name "grand slam"! The first round of selection on the harvest so high quality team, but also so that everyone on the lightning boy next selection more confident. China children surprise international judges, "lightning lad" extraordinary significance for the first time was invited to China as the teen pop dance show judges, American choreographer Paul Cookies core team of Chinese children’s performance was very excited: "did not think there are so many children love and to participate in the dance among Chinese!" Another team from Cookies judge Gorge said, "most of today on the stage of children in the jump of popping, locking, is now in the United States children love new school style," Gorge said, although the children’s preferences vary, but see more and more young people love to dance, this is a very happy things. The China judges on behalf of deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Hubei union China hip-hop Dancers Association Yu Bin with the status quo of the domestic industry are more thinking, "teenagers learn hip-hop is already a big trend, but not enough." Yu Bin believes that, although in recent years, this piece of development is very rapid, but on the one hand young hip-hop相关的主题文章: