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The long march five successful first flight sidelights: space "Long March" on the road – Beijing Chinese milepost "economic weekly" Vision Center Chief Photographer Xiao Yi photo "China Economic Weekly" reporter Ji Xiaolei Xiao Yi | Hainan Wenchang (the report published in the "Chinese Economic Weekly" in 2016 forty-third) contained ten years cast arrows. At present the flying dream. At 20:43 on November 3, 2016, China’s largest thrust of a new generation of carrier rockets – Long March five in Wenchang, China successfully launched the first space shuttle. Long march five is a milestone project of China’s upgrading of the launch vehicle, which is an important symbol of our country from a space power to a space power. Long march five innovation difficulties, technology span, high degree of complexity, representing the highest level of China’s rocket science and technology innovation. The successful implementation of its first mission to fill the gaps in China’s large thrust non-toxic non polluting liquid rocket engine, rocket carrying capacity ranked first in our country, and into the international advanced ranks. The successful launch of the long march five, provide a strong guarantee for the smooth implementation of the following three lunar exploration, manned spaceflight, Mars and other major national science and technology projects and major projects. In their long march rocket family, long march five is worthy of the name "big man", the space people affectionately call it "fat five": it is 57 meters in height, equivalent to 20 storeys high; the thick waist, body core level, core level two 5 meters in diameter, the waist is tied 4 to 3.35 meters in diameter booster. The long march series of other active buddy body level the maximum diameter of only 3.35 meters. Hercules was a "Long March five". Its takeoff weight of about 870 tons, takeoff thrust of about 1060 tons, near earth orbit carrying capacity of 25 tons, geosynchronous transfer orbit carrying capacity of 14 tons, ground transfer orbit carrying capacity of 8 tons. Than the previous maximum carrying capacity of the long march three rocket carrying capacity increased by more than 2.5 times. Thus completed a qualitative leap in the carrying capacity of China’s launch vehicle, a substantial increase in the ability of our country to enter the space, the Chinese rocket into the world, including the United States and Russia, the world’s main rocket camp. So long five is also known as China’s first big rocket". Big rocket can not do without big thrust. In the past long March launch vehicles, the thrust of a single engine was only 70 tons. While the 4 booster Long March five on the assembly of the LOX / kerosene engine 8 new developed, each thrust of up to 120 tons; at the same time, in grade one and two rocket, the assembly of the two new hydrogen engine developed, each thrust of 50 tons, making the rocket Long March five the takeoff thrust reached more than 1000 tons. In addition, big thrust, green environmental protection, digitization, reliability, development of the international mainstream vehicle technology requirements, long march five are both successful. The long march five engine uses fuel propellant, non-toxic and pollution-free minus 183° minus 253° C; liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen propellant; C, make our rocket with the new characteristics of green environmental protection ". It is because of big.相关的主题文章: