The man caught a loach in the early morning of a shot and shot into the

Morning man catch the loach to be shot into the chest in contact with the officers Yang Jinhong Yang forensic wound suture needle 13 X light beat bullet position in September 22nd, southwest of Henan Guan Zhang Zhen four wa Cun Yang Jinhong to reporters call said, he on the early morning of September 12th in the period by the villagers, catch the loach Fan Guangxiao (sound) play a gun, now Nanyang City Fu Niu Nan Lu a hospital. Yang Jinhong said: "after a bullet in the chest, if not to be a rib block, on the breakdown of lung dead." After receiving the phone, the reporter went to the hospital to interview Yang Jinhong. He was lying on the bed, with gauze on the left chest wound. When he saw the reporter, he uncovered the gauze. The reporter saw that there was a scar that had just healed on his left chest. "A total of 13 stitches were stitched, and the wound was 3 centimeters deep." Yang Jinhong said. According to Yang Jinhong, the evening of September 11th, he and his wife Wang Yuxia to a small village Zhang Wacun ditches with traps to catch the loach, after he mihunzhen cloth, rest home tricycle and his wife lying on the river. About 23 PM, Zhang Wan villagers Fan Guangming and his father went to Yang Jinhong. Fan father-in-law he put a turtle in the river, Yang Jinhong is not allowed in this setting scam. The two people had a dispute. Fan’s father-in-law came back to the village. About September 12th 1, fan Guang Ming cousins Fan Guangxiao and their son rushed to the scene. "I was sleeping on the tricycle, and I saw Fan Guangxiao scolding that I had you steal my cow and steal my pig… I scolded a word in my mouth. At this point, Fan Guangxiao took a robbing to my chest. Just listen to the sound of a poof, my left chest shot, blood straight out." Yang Jinhong said, when the shooting happened, his more than 30 year old son not only didn’t stop it, but also picked up a chair on the tricycle when he was injured, and even hit him on the head of Yang. He was avoided by him. After the incident, Yang Jinhong forced the pain to dial 110, 120. About half an hour later, 110 and 120 came to the scene, and Yang pulled it to the town of Guan Qi town. 110 bring Fan Guangxiao to the police station in the town of Guan Qi Zhen. Because Yang Jinhong was deep, and the bullet close to the lungs, thus filling up the town hospital, medical school of Neixiang county hospital, Neixiang county hospital were not undergoing surgery. On the morning of September 12th, the ambulance of the town’s health hospital was sent to a surgical hospital in Nanyang on the South Road of Fu Niu. After 4 hours of surgery, a bullet was finally taken out of a pea size. According to Yang, the old Department of firearms gun, with a long barrel, buttstock, meters, have very strong power. The bullet is a lead projectile with peas size, large and small, conical, and spiny. The bullets were taken away by the police officer. During the interview, Yang police officer from the town’s police station called Yang Jinhong to return to the police station of the town to do forensic identification. It also said that if the forensic identification is not done and the period of detention expires, the police station will change the mandatory measures of fan Guang Xiao. In September 25th, a telephone interview with Zhang Zhen Police Officer Yang Yang, according to police, currently has to do the red Yang forensic forensic identification, but the results have not come out. Filling up the implementation of the town police administrative detention for van Guangxiao, rather than criminal detention. At 3 p.m. on September 22nd, Yang Jinhong was led by his wife to the police station for forensic forensics. The reporter asked: "before the shootings, Guangxiao Yang Fan and what dispute? The pond has something to do with Fan Guangxiao?" Yang Jun replied: "no." The reporter asked again, "Fan said," what’s the matter with you stealing cattle and stealing pigs? "Yang Huida:" I didn’t steal fan pig, but I stolen fan’s cattle 20 years ago, but at that time I was sentenced to 3 years, and things passed away. " Lawyer says: according to lawyer Liu Zhaoqing, first, fan Mou is suspected of illegal possession of firearms and ammunition. Legal provisions: (a) illegal possession, possession of military firearms; (two) illegal possession, possession with gunpowder powered bullets launch non military firearms or compressed gas powered two other non military firearms above; (three) illegal possession, possession of private military bullet twenty more than one thousand airgun pellet hair or other non military more than two hundred rounds of ammunition; (four) illegal possession, possession of a grenade above; (five) illegal possession, possession of ammunition caused casualties and property losses. They all constitute the crime. But fan’s behavior in accordance with Article fifth "illegal possession, possession of ammunition caused casualties and property losses". Second, according to China’s criminal law 128th stipulation: firearms in violation of regulations, illegal possession, possession of firearms and ammunition, three years of fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or control; if the circumstances are serious, more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment of seven years. Second, fan’s behavior is suspected of intentional injury or intentional homicide. The perpetrator knows that the gun has great killing power, and it is directly aimed at the injured part of the victim, and has been suspected to constitute a crime of intentional homicide. The 232nd rule of criminal law of China stipulates that intentional homicide is at death penalty, life imprisonment or fixed-term imprisonment of more than ten years. If the circumstances are lighter, it shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years. The crime of intentional homicide is an act offense, as long as the act of intentional killing is carried out by the perpetrator, which constitutes a crime of intentional homicide. Intentional homicide is subject to the intention of illegally depriving others of their lives, including direct intent and indirect intent. It is known that the consequences of the death of another person will occur, and hope or indulge in the occurrence of such a result. If the perpetrator is murderous, there is no unlawful deprivation of others’ life, but only harm to the health of others. It does not constitute the crime of intentional homicide, and is suspected to constitute a crime of intentional injury. But the standard of sentencing is mainly the result of forensic identification. The law stipulates that the person who intentionally hurts the body of another person is sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or control. Those who cause serious injuries shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years. If a person dies or causes serious injuries by special cruel means, he will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years, life imprisonment or death penalty.

男子凌晨逮泥鳅被打了一枪 子弹打进胸部杨金红在与杨警官联系做法医鉴定伤口缝合了13针X光拍的子弹位置9月22日,豫西南灌涨镇四洼村杨金红给记者打电话称,他于9月12日凌晨在逮泥鳅期间被村民范广孝(音)打了一枪,现在南阳市伏牛南路一家医院救治。杨金红说:“子弹打进胸部之后,如果不是被一根肋骨挡住,就击穿肺部没命了。”接到电话,记者赶赴医院采访杨金红。只见他躺在病床上,左胸的伤口处贴着纱布。见到记者,他将纱布揭开。记者看到,他的左胸口有一道刚刚愈合的伤疤。“一共缝了13针,伤口有3公分深。”杨金红说。据杨金红讲,9月11日晚,他与妻子王玉霞去邻村张洼村一个小河沟里用迷魂阵逮泥鳅,他把迷魂阵布下之后,与妻子躺在河边的自家三轮车上休息。约23时许,张湾村民范广明和其岳父先后来到杨金红身边。范的岳父说,他在河里放有甲鱼,不许杨金红在此设置迷魂阵。两个人于是发生争执。范的岳父一气之下回了村子。约9月12日1时,范广明的堂兄弟范广孝带着儿子赶到了现场。“我当时在三轮车上睡觉,只见范广孝骂着说我让你偷我牛、偷我猪……我随口回骂了一句。此时范广孝拿抢对着我的胸部开了一抢。只听‘噗’的一声,我的左胸中弹,鲜血直往外冒。”杨金红说,枪击发生时,他的30多岁的儿子不仅没有阻止,还在我受伤之后拎起三轮车上的一把椅子朝杨的头部连砸过来,都被他避开没砸到。事发之后,杨金红强忍着疼痛拨打了110、120。约半个小时之后,110、120先后赶到现场,将杨拉至灌涨镇卫生院。110将范广孝带至灌涨镇派出所。由于杨金红中弹较深,且子弹紧靠肺部,因此灌涨镇卫生院、内乡县医院、内乡县卫校医院均未实施手术。9月12日上午,灌涨镇卫生院的救护车将杨送至南阳伏牛南路的一家外科医院救治。经过4个小时的手术终于将一颗豌豆大小的一颗子弹取出。据杨描述,枪支系老式气枪,有枪托、枪管,长有一米左右,具有很强的杀伤力。子弹是一颗铅弹,有豌豆大小,上大下小,圆锥型,还带有刺状。子弹后被胡警官取走。采访期间,灌涨镇派出所的杨警官打来电话,让杨金红回灌涨镇派出所做法医鉴定。并说,如不做法医鉴定,拘留期限到期,派出所将会对范广孝变更强制措施予以放人。9月25日,记者电话采访灌涨镇派出所的杨警官,据杨警官讲,目前法医已经对杨金红做了法医鉴定,但结果还未出来。灌涨镇派出所对范广孝实施了行政拘留,而不是刑事拘留。9月22日下午3时许,杨金红在其妻子的带领下到派出所做了法医鉴定。记者问:“枪击前,杨与范广孝什么发生争执?河塘是否与范广孝有牵扯?”杨均回答:“没有。”记者又问:“范说你偷牛又偷猪是怎么回事?”杨回答:“我没有偷过范的猪,但在20年前我偷了范的牛,但当时我被判了3年,事情早过去了。”律师说法:据律师刘兆庆讲:第一, 范某行为涉嫌非法持有枪支、弹药犯罪。法律规定:(一)非法持有、私藏军用枪支一支的;(二)非法持有、私藏以火药为动力发射枪弹的非军用枪支一支或者以压缩气体等为动力的其他非军用枪支二支以上的;(三)非法持有、私藏军用子弹二十发以上,气枪铅弹一千发以上或者其他非军用子弹二百发以上的;(四)非法持有、私藏手榴弹一枚以上的;(五)非法持有、私藏的弹药造成人员伤亡、财产损失的。均构成此罪名。而范某的行为符合第五条“非法持有、私藏的弹药造成人员伤亡、财产损失的”。第二, 根据我国刑法第128条规定:违反枪支管理规定,非法持有、私藏枪支、弹药的,处三年以下有期徒刑、拘役或者管制;情节严重的,处三年以上七年以下有期徒刑。第二,范某行为涉嫌故意伤害或故意杀人犯罪。行为人明知枪支具有极大的杀伤力,而直接对准受害人要害部位射击,已涉嫌构成故意杀人罪。我国刑法第二百三十二条规定:故意杀人的,处死刑、无期徒刑或者十年以上有期徒刑;情节较轻的,处三年以上十年以下有期徒刑。故意杀人罪是行为犯,只要行为人实施了故意杀人的行为,就构成故意杀人罪。故意杀人罪在主观上须有非法剥夺他人生命的故意,包括直接故意和间接故意。即明知自己的行为会发生他人死亡的危害后果,并且希望或者放任这种结果的发生。如果行为人行凶时无非法剥夺他人生命的故意,而只是伤害他人健康。则不构成故意杀人罪,而涉嫌构成故意伤害罪。但量刑的标准主要看法医鉴定的结果。法律规定,故意伤害他人身体的,处三年以下有期徒刑、拘役或者管制。致人重伤的,处三年以上十年以下有期徒刑;致人死亡或者以特别残忍手段致人重伤造成严重残疾的,处十年以上有期徒刑、无期徒刑或者死刑。相关的主题文章: