The man claiming to be a fraud of more than 20 package engineering boss was

The man claiming to be a fraud of more than 20 package engineering boss was arrested a man claiming to be the original title: fraud more than 20 package engineering boss was arrested Chinese daily news (reporter Zhang Lin) that he is the owner of a company, to undertake projects to make money, men to defraud the trust of others and to defraud more than 20 million. Recently, the suspect was arrested on suspicion of fraud by the Ansai procuratorate prosecutors approved the arrest. In April this year, Ansai Ms. Cao met a man by WeChat, two people in the WeChat chat soon developed into friends. In the communication process, Jo pretended to be swept engineering boss, also said he had a brother working in Xi’an, can give the contract to many engineering. That Jo’s "ability", Lady Anne to take on a project, many times with his brother and friends Yuanmou dinner while Jo, Jo also promised Lady Anne in Tongchuan swept a stone revetment engineering. Since then, Jo has swept the project cost and to help Ms. cheap to buy the car on the grounds, successively to Lady Anne and her brother, a friend of Yuanmou to ask for 216 thousand yuan. However, when the lady contacted his work again, found that it has not been found. In July this year, can not find Jo’s case, Ms. found deceived, the alarm to the Public Security Bureau of Ansai District, then the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade investigation quickly. After investigation, the ad hoc police found Jo that a Tongchuan stone slope protection project does not exist, and the implementation of the partnership with others in a Tongchuan boss real estate development foundation does not exist. Thus, the Criminal Investigation Brigade confirmed Cao in suspicion of fraud, and the implementation of online pursuit, finally jo in Guangxi Beihai was arrested by public security organs, then shall be escorted back to Ansai. At present, Jo suspicion of fraud has been arrested according to law, the case is still under further investigation of the trial. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: