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The masses pragmatic   answering questions into the people – Politics – newspaper Beijing on 21 November,     winter is cold wind chills Right Banner of Inner Mongolia and Saihan, Uligi hematoxylin brainstem center of family members of the Mongolia Talaga check bag was warm, and Party members sitting together, learning together to discuss the Party’s spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. First secretary, village two committees team members, Party Center family, ordinary Party members and the masses, we focus on the issues of common concern, with the direction of the spirit of the plenary session, on the implementation of. "It used to be on the news, and today they are more understanding." The herdsmen call figure told reporters with blunt Putonghua, the Mongolian delegation he preached, let grassroots herdsmen understand spiritual meaning as clear as noonday session. Even Japan, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Guangdong, Shaanxi and other places, in carrying out the party’s spirit of propaganda in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee at grass-roots level, combined with the actual situation in the province, enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of propaganda, and achieved good results. Inner Mongolia Mongolian people, how to make the grassroots party members and the masses, especially poor Chinese farmers and herdsmen can accurately understand the spirit of the six plenary session? Distinguish between rural and pastoral areas, corporate communities, research institutes, universities and other different audiences, to carry out the interaction of the congregation of the preaching activities, Inner Mongolia under the martial arts. At the same time, the masses on site to answer the question, "do you listen to me" and "you and me" organic integration, making propaganda closer to the masses, close to the people, so that the spirit of the plenary session to achieve the "preaching more flowering in the grass". Since the propaganda activities, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region carried out a total of 300 (Times), the 800 team to preach (time) of grassroots auditorium lectures, about 130 thousand people to listen to the lectures. Interpretation of "deep, fine" tall on the report, not only ", and" down to earth ", after hearing the report, more in-depth understanding of the spirit of the six plenary session of the Central Committee, do grass-roots work more at the end of the heart." From November 15th onwards, Henan Province, city, county, township four preaching full start. Henan provincial Party committee deployed 24 from government agencies, universities, research institutes and other units responsible comrades and experts set up provincial propaganda team, the province to start preaching. Provinces and municipalities, the province directly under the county (city) Party committee formed by the combination of preaching, at the grassroots level to carry out the object, sub focus, interactive preaching. The team went by the grassroots cadres and the masses welcome. In the lecture, Henan also actively use "people to preach train the platform layout program, combined with theory of expert comments preach implementation of Dali, on the down to earth, small program popularity. The 85 year old cadres in University in Yongcheng, sunset red team member Cai Yongxiu, with Allegro rap, vivid expression of the spirit in the six plenary session: "cadres to be understood, and abide by the party constitution……" As of now, the Henan provincial delegation in batches to 18 provincial cities, 10 counties and 4 provincial units, 4 universities, 4 enterprises, a total of 46 lecture reports, and grassroots cadres and the masses to carry out the interaction of more than 50 games, a direct audience of more than 3 people, through television and watch and listen to the network more than 60 people)相关的主题文章: