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The Mid Autumn Festival dinner to eat what good? Recommend 6 Delicious Recipes – Shaanxi Channel – original title: Mid Autumn Festival dinner to eat what good? Recommended 6 delicious recipes to the Mid Autumn Festival, but also a year when the reunion. In this family reunion day, dinner is indispensable. The mid autumn festival what to eat? Below and we recommend 6 delicious recipes, you and your family to share the joy of the tongue. The Mid Autumn Festival recommended 6 delicious recipes poached prawns [ingredients] shrimp 500 grams, onion, ginger, white wine, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil 1, ready to practice [] amount of ginger, spring onion and wine. Shrimp head clean cut shrimps, shrimp gun, use a toothpick to pick line wash shrimp. 2, pan, add a little oil, add ginger and scallion saute. Pour a little white wine. 3, and then add the right amount of water, the fire boil. When the water after boiling will clean the shrimp into the pot. 4, Zhuoshu fishfood. Fast in ice water, remove and pour dry water dish. When eating, dip seasoning and blended into soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, ginger, etc.. Steamed Perch [ingredients] perch, green onions, green onions, ginger, red pepper, steamed fish soy sauce [1], the practice of green onions and cut into sections, vertical draw knife, expansion. The onion folded, with onion pressed shred, red pepper strips, ginger slices, perch back along the spine draw knife. 2, will set the disk perch into the steamer, add onions, ginger (whole plant), cover. After the water is boiled, steam for 15 minutes, take out the clip out onions, ginger, sprinkle with spring onion, red chilli. 3, a pot of hot oil, pour in the fish, pour soy sauce steamed fish, can taste. Chestnut chicken [ingredients] half a chicken, chestnut 100g, salt, a small amount of ginger, garlic [practice] 1, peeled chestnuts peeled, wash spare. The chicken pieces. 2, add water to the pot after boiling, add chicken to ginger, garlic. 3, to be added once again boiling chestnut, 60 minutes after adding appropriate amount of salt can be. [ingredients] letinous edodes cabbage cabbage, letinous edodes, salt, soy sauce, edible oil [] 1, wash the cabbage practice after the bubble wash, letinous edodes. 2, a pot of hot water, put salt, pour boiled cabbage, remove dish. 3, add a little oil in the pot will be letinous edodes fry, add water to simmer for a while letinous edodes. 4, add salt and soy sauce, a good tune into a bowl of water, starch, letinous edodes, hook about qian. 5, letinous edodes served in cabbage, complete. Eight Delicacies Rice [ingredients] coconut coconut, glutinous rice, jujube, Chinese wolfberry, lotus seeds, raisins, sugar [1] approach, rice panning clean, soaked with water overnight, to soak glutinous rice with hand twist on the broken degree of good; lotus seeds, raisins, medlar wash with water after soaking for 2 hours; 2 coconut shell, coconut wash, in the above three for depression, with a kitchen knife to cut a triangle (the three point is the best)相关的主题文章: