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The Mid Autumn Festival more than tight National Archives will welcome the peak booking   little floating price — Travel Channel original title: autumn more than tight National Archives will welcome the peak booking of Rhododendron Lake in autumn. Bai Yabin photographed the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday is followed, this year due to two separated by a long time, it is difficult to fight fake form long holidays, so it provides a good opportunity for the outbreak of the domestic travel market. Recently, the reporter learned from the travel agency, according to the double market, has now launched a number of domestic travel product characteristics, whether it is a short tour around the city, or about a week long tour, are favored by tourists. The Mid Autumn Festival more than tight National Archives will welcome the peak booking from the Mid Autumn Festival holiday a week or so, insiders said that the Mid Autumn Festival domestic travel hot products have been sold out. Donkey mother domestic travel division responsible Zhang Jun said that the current donkey mother travel booking situation, the Mid Autumn Festival Schedule part of the line has been sold out, long haul tourists mainly tend to book around with the mission line and shorter travel time, Xiamen, Guilin, Mount Huangshan, Mount Putuo and other destinations favored. In addition, in October 9, when the crab season, the Yangcheng Lake tourist routes have also attracted great attention. Because there was plenty of schedule eleven products, the majority of users in the selection phase. Ctrip relevant person in charge told reporters that the current enrollment situation is more than eleven of the expected, which in terms of domestic travel, it seems, Yunnan, Sichuan and other long-term travel enrollment more. HHtravel Swan swim Yi analysis of the relevant responsible person said, now is a lot of high-end customers start time for the National Day holiday travel plans. Survey shows that this year’s National Day Golden Week travel crowd features are: nearly 70% of the age of 25 to 45 years old, paid holidays limited white-collar workers in the workplace, the family has become a family of three tourists. In addition, Wynn tourism product manager Wang Jia said that National Day part of the price of domestic tourism has not come out, is expected over the next few days will usher in the peak booking, mid autumn festival or short-term tourism, mainly concentrated in the eastern regions, such as Shanghai Disney around the main line. In defining the product of the most popular double time of the autumn, so the fall of qualified products become more and more tourists choose. Zhang Jun told reporters that this year’s Mid Autumn Festival, autumn delicacy experience is a hot line, the Yangcheng Lake crab, Suzhou dumplings, Taihu fish feast, visitors can enjoy the "tongue on tourism". The National Day holiday, long-distance outdoor hiking is the main, so as to further understand the local customs, and enjoy the most beautiful autumn scenery. Wang Jia said that this year the most popular poplar lines this year is still the hot line of tourists. "The Mid Autumn Festival holiday for 3 days, mainly in the suburbs surrounding the resort, we introduced some neighboring holiday two days, Huairou, Miyun, Yanqing and other areas is still hot. National Day holiday for 7 days, mainly in the domestic long-term travel, such as Populus euphratica forest region and northeast Changbai Mountain area, Yunnan area and Tibet area are lvyoure." Ctrip official forecast, although domestic travel booking has not entered the peak period, it is expected that some maple autumn tour destinations such as Beijing, Jiuzhaigou, Zhangjiajie and the type of holiday destination, the Three Gorges)相关的主题文章: