The Millennium yellow rosewood will be unveiled in Taishan is 4.2 meters long and weighing 400 kg

The Millennium yellow rosewood will be unveiled in Taishan is 4.2 meters long and weighs 400 kg in the measurement of Wu Bingliang tree, the tree head up to more than and 50 centimeters in diameter. 4.2 meters long and weighs 400 kilograms of the thousand year old yellow rosewood. Reporter yesterday learned from Taishan City, a weighing 400 kg, with a thousand years old Hainan yellow rosewood will be available in the city of Taishan Wu Bingliang huanghuali Museum of art, which is a record for the largest so far handed down Hainan yellow rosewood, the wood "living" will have been a thousand years old, death it has been 700 years of time. Taishan Wu Bingliang Huanghua art museum is currently under construction, when the root of a thousand years old yellow rosewood Museum of art at the beginning of next year will also open in the museum, and officially presented to the public. The map, Guangzhou Daily reporter Huang Wensheng.     22 years after the "stolen" yesterday, the reporter saw this piece of yellow rosewood. This is a 4.2 meters long, weighing 400 kilograms of Hainan pear avocado tree old material, head up to more than and 50 centimeters in diameter, trees have played a surface with a thick layer of package paddle, sanding the surface, immediately smelt a thick aroma. According to the Hainan yellow rosewood furniture association of traditional furniture collectors, China Specialized Committee executive chairman Wu Bingliang introduced, this old material can be described as "". In 1994, Wu Bingliang learned that there is a 4 meters long in Hainan Island Hainan pear old material, they immediately went to investigate, and please the seller shipped it to Jiangmen Taishan. Wu Bingliang said, this old material not only large diameter, length, and that after hundreds of years of weathering crust permeated with a vicissitudes of life charm, is hitherto unknown he met Hainan huanghuali wood in the wild. Wu Bingliang immediately bought at a high price this rare old material. After that, a hobby and is committed to promoting the Hainan pear collectors of Hainan pear culture repeatedly expressed the hope that the friends can collect material. For the sake of friend, Wu Bingliang will be the root of yellow rosewood sold. Over the past 20 years, Wu Bingliang has been the root of Hainan yellow rosewood obsession. Recently, he and the friend communication collectors, said of the yellow rosewood, hoping to buy it back, on display in the next year will be completed early in the opening of the Wu Bingliang pear Art Museum, as the "treasures", in order to let more people understand the history and culture of Hainan Island produced pear. Wu Bingliang got his wish, after a lapse of 22, this is the root of the yellow rosewood finally recovered". These days, many visitors have come to watch this huge pear old material, while marvel, while with it for a photo.     every day diligently strive after; began to purchase, collection of Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture from morning to night Wu Bingliang of Taishan from the last century since 70s, in the last century, in 80s began production of classical furniture. He has been working for more than 30 years. He still works at 8 every morning. He has been busy at about 8 in the evening. Open at the beginning of next year the Wu Bingliang pear Art Museum, will also display Wu Bingliang than huanghuali furniture works include living room furniture, library furniture, 3相关的主题文章: