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The monk Guanxiu famous verse "poem" were selected poems 718 – Beijing is dangerous sitting in front of Yin Cui layer, since the collapse of Teng crossroads. Qingyun when celebrities visit, Xifeng falls ice tea. Don? Guanxiu "title word" speaking of hospital Lan Jiang Tang Dynasty monk big name Ruleiguaner Guanxiu. There are many of his stories in Buddhist zen. The key is that his poetry is good, is definitely a poem. "The whole Tang poetry" selected his seven hundred and eighteen poems. Guanxiu, vulgar word De Yin, surnamed Jiang, Lanxi wuzhou. Childhood memory is very good, every day the Lotus Sutra chanting a thousand words, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. That is a poem of large earthquake. This young man, unwilling to mediocrity, to seek development platform, pass the poem job everywhere. But he is aloof stubborn, unacceptable. Money? He was Wu Yue king, Guanxiu contributed poems to show their talent. Money? Take a look, said: "your body is not forced to freedom, a few years hard dance holt. The flower drunk three thousand guests, sword frostbite fourteen state. Levin sub clothes brocade narrow, Xie Yong Yi Xia article shame. His name on the lingyange, it was 10000 Hou xian." Money? One look, the poem is good. But when it comes to the "fourteen states", it is not. Speaking to Guanxiu said, if the state can call forty renamed. This one, with a sigh and said: "the state is also difficult to Tim, poems. However, what can not be recluse with no fixed abode, day flight." We know that a Zen poem Guanxiu "s most popular, said:" red sandalwood tower six or seven, white lotus flower three or four branch. I only met a guest of Zen, several people know?" Speaking of poem and a detective. Guanxiu was very pleased with this poem himself, he felt not far to leave. The poem will be presented to the stone frost Zen master. After watching silently put stone frost poem aside and asked him: "how is it?" Guanxiu not answer. Stone Frost said: "you ask me answer." Guanxiu then asked. Stone Frost said: "how many people can know." Guanxiu listens, suddenly understand, not themselves to enlightenment, only from the angle of poetry had written a good poem. I like ordinary people, which has a deep zen. The earliest kinds of tea, tea, tea or the monks in the temple. They will drink good tea as work more refreshing chanting at ease, to purify the body. Guanxiu wrote Shanju poetry, a total of twenty-four. The "good birds sleep eyes open, good milk tea Qing sitting moss." At the edge of "leisure tea wrecker, the Zen robe sitting in a green cliffs quiet." "Shi Lu Jin Qu red and tender green tea Chen Qi?." Guanxiu’s seclusion in the mountains, away from the world of mortals, Buddhist meditation, tea became his life indispensable thing. Guanxiu of aloof, but love making friends. Special love tour to visit Buddhist monk, well-known mountains and rivers, often he went to tea to your friends. The Gridhrakuta mountain Zen teachers run he wrote poetry, also mentioned: "often hate the tea every twenty years, famous. As in the lead, came to the hall before. Pay have picked tea leaves, cooking little spring. Don’t come and go, the Tao Ran cold." You know Gridhrakuta road run Zen Teachers College name twenty years ago, today finally came to the front of the hall. We now have some firewood stove, which drain spring water boiled tea, don’t think I come and go, this is heaven, and naturally. Guanxiu a poem.相关的主题文章: