The monk punishment by hacking process Guo Moruo once wrote a poem called Beijing Tang – puritans pride

The monk "punishment by hacking process? Guo Moruo once wrote a poem called Beijing Tang – in October 18, 1961, Zhejiang province Shaoxing Shaoxing opera troupe staged "Sun Wukong three strikes in the Beijing Cultural Palace of nationalities". As everyone knows, the demon story adapted from "journey to the west" twenty-seventh "corpse demon three drama by Monkey King Zang, he hated". That night, Guo Moruo also went to see the play, after the play, he wrote "Qilv? < Sun Wukong; three boned >" a song, "the monk cursed: Simon confuse confuse truth and falsehood, punishment by hacking process" enemy of compassion friend diao. Curse of the Golden hoop "10000 times, fine bone tired three was fled. When Tang Sengrou cut thousand knives, pulled the hair loss what mahatma. Education should be appreciated in a timely manner, pig wisdom wisdom. In a serious political era, any text may bring political meaning, to be expressed by Guo Moruo, is Sun Wukong havoc in the rebel spirit. This is the 20s creation of Sturm und Drang spirit, but also the revolution rebel spirit, but unfortunately the wrong time, there is no 1961 to 1966, therefore, Mao Zedong read his poem a poem, indirectly proposed to the middle pie to protect. Therefore, in January 6, 1962, Guo Moruo read Mao Zedong’s poems, and poems of Mao Zedong and the original one, revised his view: a thunderbolt Lei Lai, do not teach bones piled up. Nine days four Haicheng fog, eighty-one times to the disaster. The monks tortured know remorse, pigs reported negligible exciting period. Golden eyes there is no forgiveness, even the goblin billion to. "Journey to the west" can not distinguish between right and wrong, often the wrong person Zang people really hate, the history of heroes in legend kingdoms why not continue to become Lv Bu, Guan Yu miraculous, and Wu Song as a hero, but was down? In fact, in the Southern Song Dynasty "Xuanzang Tripitaka", the image is no longer a tall man. For example, "Zhu Xian Temple master came to Guofu" (Zhu India, Tianzhu country is obviously to) eat Zhaifan Zang temple, which do not feel good, but to monkey Walker explained to him: the master asked Walker said: "this is not the taste of fast food, full." Walker said: "this is what the Buddha for Western food, taste of modern, secular people can know this?" "Ordinary people"? Walker you too don’t give division face! With respect to the three disciples of the great, "the monk Tang is a shortsighted and good-for-nothing person" is much more weak. Generally speaking, I do not have the ability to protect themselves, he neither clouds, nor seventy-two, more can’t Shaolin monk madness, his staff in his hand have some religious ritual effective. The true master Xuan Zang and sophisticated, eloquent at debate, not only in Tianzhu argue the heretics, and had to convert to Buddhism, the influence, these outstanding qualities reflected on Xuan Zang of the Tang Dynasty, all gone in "journey to the west" already, and he is very proficient in foreign languages in Sanskrit, "journey to the west" is no, and maybe just related to the history of Tang Taizong give to xuan.相关的主题文章: