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The more wearable, the older, the more feel shoes, it is! Sohu from the WeChat public, teach you to dress collocation (ID:dapei9981) since Dr.Martens created Martin boots, this classic style, and durable shoes will wear fashionable all over the world, not only become a symbol and street punk, but also from the fashion Master to any ordinary people are fond of it. As an evergreen tree in the world of fashion shoe, durable wear-resistant all-match handsome Martin boots is a year-round if necessary, never out of date. Martin boots are durable wear-resistant shoe necessary, whether punk, street, or neutral academy, a pair of boots all-match and comfortable for you to achieve a variety of Martin style! The most thin Collocation: black pencil pants black pencil pants and black boots Martin is almost perfect, black pencil pants legs were thin as we all know, this rugged boots can make you neutral legs more slender, do not believe it to see: don’t think Martin only boots and handsome gas hook, and lamb the same nice coat collocation! Furry coat is particularly suitable for early spring cold weather, but is not recommended to use the pink color of the lamb coat Oh, a comparison or coffee, black lines! The most significant high Collocation: short jackets & Pants nine Martin shoe heel is generally less than 3cm, for a lot of little girls will undoubtedly be a bad news. So girls under 160 are advised to wear short jackets when they wear Martin boots, jackets or leather jackets for pilots, and so on! In addition, you can choose eight or nine points of black trousers, exposing a part of the ankle, the same will increase the effect of it! The most fashionable wide trousers collocation: many girls love and hate it for wide trousers, wide trousers legs can hide very well, for the O leg, small thick legs is straw, as long as you are tall enough, wide trousers + Martin = boots with the range of children in Europe and america. But for a small person, it is likely to wear the sense of aunt, so be careful! The most simple method: when wearing ankle boots collocation as everyone in the purchase of Martin boots, as far as possible with simple and elegant style, not too many rivets, belts and other decorative lace, simple black collocation, it will also have more choices, even in Connaught, leggings does not seem awkward! The anti wear fur fur: collocation common collocation is skirt +leggings+ high-heeled boots, and occasionally a change of style, this makes Martin boots and black pants, handsome and the wind is really quite unique, that is no longer wearing fur are expensive and the vulgar sense of luxury! Japanese goods WeChat subscription number: Japan Amoy (ID:riben517) global good WeChat subscription number: Global Amoy (ID:maimaimai517)

耐磨耐操、越旧越有feel的鞋子就是它!-搜狐   源自微信公众号教你穿衣搭配(ID:dapei9981)   自从 Dr.Martens 创造了马丁靴之后,这种样式经典,又耐穿耐磨的鞋子便风靡了全世界,不仅成为了街头与朋克的象征,而且从时尚达人到任何一个普通人都对它情有独钟。      作为时尚界的一颗常青树,耐磨耐穿、百搭帅气的马丁靴可谓一年四季的鞋柜必备,好像永远都不会过时。      耐磨耐穿的马丁靴是鞋柜必备,无论是摇滚朋克、街头、中性还是学院风,一双百搭又舒服的马丁靴为你实现各种风格可能!      最显瘦的搭配:黑色铅笔裤   黑色铅笔裤与黑色马丁靴几乎是绝配,黑色铅笔裤显腿瘦大家都知道,而这款粗犷的中性靴能让你的腿部更显纤细,不信就来瞧瞧:            别以为马丁靴只能和帅气挂钩,和羊羔绒外套搭配起来一样好看!毛茸茸的外套还特别适合初春乍暖还寒的天气,但是不建议用粉嫩色系的羊羔绒外套哦,还是咖色、黑色系的比较搭!         最显高的搭配:短夹克&九分裤   马丁靴的鞋跟一般在3cm以内,对于很多小个子女生来说无疑是一大噩耗。所以建议160以下的姑娘在穿马丁靴的时候,上衣搭配成短夹克,飞行员夹克或皮衣都可以,照样走欧美范儿!         另外就是可以选择八九分的小黑裤,露出一部分脚踝,一样会有增高的效果呢!      最时髦的搭配:宽裤   很多姑娘对于宽裤是又爱又恨,宽裤能很好的隐藏腿型,对于O型腿、小粗腿来说是救命稻草,只要你个子够高,宽裤+马丁靴=随性欧美范儿。但是对于小个子来说,很可能就穿成大婶的感觉,所以还是慎重些!      最简便的穿法:当踝靴一样搭配   大家在选购马丁靴时,尽量以简洁大方的款式为主,不要有过多的铆钉、皮带等装饰,简单黑色的系带即可,搭配起来也会有更多选择,诺,就算穿起leggings看起来也不会别扭!         最反串的穿法:搭配皮草   大家常见的皮草搭配多是包裙+leggings+高跟靴,偶尔换一换风格,用马丁靴和小黑裤造就的这种帅气的欧美风真的还蛮有特色,不再是以前那种穿皮草的都是奢华贵妇的庸俗感了!            日本良品介绍   微信订阅号:日本淘(ID:riben517)   全球良品介绍   微信订阅号:全球淘(ID:maimaimai517)相关的主题文章: