The most expensive underwear Victoria Secret annual value of 3 million with the previous year than a lightscape

The most expensive underwear Victoria Secret annual value of 3 million with the previous more than a little shabby lead this year: the Victoria’s secret show once a year in November 30th this year will be landing in Paris, earlier exposure of $3 million Fantasy Bra, played by angel Jasmine Tookes. The most expensive than with the previous Bra, is also a bit shabby this year. Victoria’s most expensive underwear value 3 million is the name of the Bra is known as the "Bright Night", which is known as the "Bright Night", which is also one of the top secret topics of the year, "Bra". Details like the same hollow scales, it is gold and silver to create the Fantasy Bra production of up to 700 hours, containing more than 450 carat diamond, emerald emerald, and the bra is covered with 18 carat gold. It seems that with these rich people, we are not only the car, the house, and even personal underwear + underwear, and others are not an order of magnitude. With the previous Fantasy Bra this year a little shabby and most expensive Bra appeared in 2000, since the model Gisele Bundchen interpretation of Victoria Secret since 1995 for the first time to do the show, in addition to the first session of each session, all the rest will launch a Fantasy Bra and by the year’s favorite angel wearing, edited the investigation found that the most your Bra appeared in 2000, played by Gisele Bundchen model. One of the most expensive items in the history of Victoria’s history, the $15 million Gisele Bundchen worth of $15 million, which is the most expensive underwear in the history of the Guinness world record. The underwear is filled with more than 1 thousand and 300 gems, including a total of 300 carats of Thailand. Tens of millions of dollars in underwear who in addition to the current most expensive, over the years in the tens of millions of dollars, there are 7 other levels, respectively, from: 1999, -2005 and in 2013. 1999, 2002, 2004, 2005, wearing the most noble Bra angel of the year, who was wearing the dream Bra model Jasmine Tookes this year in, Fantasy-Bra has made you stunning in? Finished the most expensive Bra, we take a look at this year put on the angel who is it, her name is Jasmine Tookes, born in 1991, last year became an angel. When Jasmine Tookes and many kids love it or hold the doll to be grateful to Doutzen – Cross, Lindsay – Ai Linsen, Carly – Claus has left the Victoria Secret, so secret dimension once signed ten new angel, this is the day that Victoria’s Secret History since the signing of one of the largest, Jasmine To;相关的主题文章: