The murderer is not sleep appeared to scare Ka Tung Lam – Janice Man features the ultimate

"The murderer is not sleep" performance Janice Man scared Janice Man Ka Tung Lam – the ultimate role – Janice Man starred in a Sohu entertainment challenge set gentle, melancholy and ferocious character in a body said "the murderer is not sleep" let her style big change Sohu entertainment news in October 21st the upcoming "killer" have not slept in Janice Man starred in a set of challenges, gentle, melancholy and ferocious character in a body’s role. In the recent exposure of the special features, Janice Man said "the murderer has not let her play the big sleep" conversion, even said "you will see the most extreme Janice Man".     not easily pulls away from the role of Janice Man Ka Tung Lam in "extremely frightened murderer did not sleep", played by Janice Man Si Min was the daughter of a wealthy family, originally pure and beautiful life, but in a few days ago married accident kidnapped one night a prisoner of Si Min’s life experience, so have changed 180 degrees the more affected her on the side of people’s views and attitudes. For such a need to change radically emotional role, Janice Man attitude in the show is "don’t let your emotions calm, but do not want to pull away role". From the start on the twelve points carefully into the role, Janice Man performance in the studio often makes people afraid. Ka Tung Lam beat her film a drama, the director called card, Janice Man himself didn’t stop crying, breath, this makes Ka Tung Lam panicked, thought himself heavy. Later, I told Ka Tung Lam, I really do not matter, as long as the results come out that we feel very real, that is what we want to effect. So I think it is a very good play, I like it, because I think it is a very outbreak of a play." Janice Man extreme performance, not only frightened the match, leaving the media that she was shot in the street crying to lose self-control after a photo shoot that she too much input, resulting in a meltdown. For all this, Janice Man think is the role for his affirmation: "I struggled a lot when I got the script, one would like to perform a challenge so big role, but on the other side and I think, I will grasp the role. But now I’m looking forward to seeing the reaction of the character, because it’s a big challenge and we’ll see one of the most extreme Janice Man." He met the director Qiu Litao Janice Man praised the director understand a woman is a blessing "killer was never sleep" was directed by Qiu Litao, he was known as the "Hongkong B the king", who directed "Baxian Hotel" "human flesh Baozi Stuffed with BBQ Pork Ebola virus" "I do not sell my" prostitute "sell the womb" and many other styles the unique type of. His works make many actresses breakthrough self, the achievements of the Taiwan Golden Horse Award for best actress Prudence Lau nomination, Hongkong Award for best actress Chariene Choi and actress. The cooperation with Qiu Litao, Janice Man hopes to inspire their own acting new flashpoint. Although initially refused, but she was very glad that the director and screenwriter to persuade her to accept this challenge has appeared in jasmine: "originally I am afraid your emotions are not in place, also have their own burden and pressure, but the director.相关的主题文章: