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"The name" to do good "story:" emotional excess your name "Tokyo Film Festival screenings Shinkai Sina entertainment news in October 27th, the twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival screenings of" JAPAN NOW "works" your name "released in Tokyo Roppongi TOHO CINEMAS, and as the film director Makoto Shinkai music producer RADWIMPS Noda Yojiro Zaiying after meeting with the audience, and talk about the creation idea and the host Ando Hirohira. "Your name" tells the story of living in Tokyo high school boys long Tachibana and rural high school girls three meet in a dream fantasy story. The release of the film so far in Japan has achieved box office nine weeks consecutive swept over 16 billion yen, is fully deserve the annual horse. Among them, RADWIMPS not only assumed the film soundtrack, but also for the film personally produced four theme song. Yojiro said Makoto Shinkai requires the creation of the "lyrics" when surprised, because just do original music, and have more expectations "- even hope to find a movie title from his lyrics. Talk to the production process, the two have insisted not to give up the attitude, the scene is mutual praise, drew laughter. "Your name" is a myth the lyric lines of music to new heights: Ando is really a very good work, after the release in a continuous line. Where is the charm of the film, I think the whole movie is a fantastic poem". Being able to see the film is a complete event for me". "Director so far works are" Lyric Poetry "approach described, this" your name "further sublimation, reached a" myth "lyric poetry standard. And the song about the film, the songs and music created by Mr. Noda Yojiro. We all know that the movie was originally made up of pictures, words and music. And the words and music in your name have made this work reach unimaginable heights. In this movie, words and music sometimes express the same meaning, but there will be differences, this time as the film montage theory in that different elements interspersed can create a new world". Behind the lines and the music, the two can reveal. Hai: I in the film, beginning to feel all the "word" is part of the association of the things to be Yang Lang Xiansheng. If the film with ordinary lines to express, it may lose the charm of poetry, so everything depends on mr.. At that time, I even wanted to find the title of the film from his lyrics". Noda: Oh, no wonder I remember when you asked me, "is there a word for the title?". Ando: are you starting with the first song, as you would say, in the direction of your name? Noda: This is not. I had a sense of "film music" from the beginning, so it’s more important than "words", and I think about the background music without lyrics相关的主题文章: