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The new card has released 13 family mechanism and how Sina BUFF brand new version of hearthstone legend area Gadgetzan so far has exposed more than and 40 cards, total card number 132 1/3. Before the new version of the on-line game player, many have speculated Gadgetzan will launch new card mechanism, especially the new keywords — now the new keywords may really is not, but the card is a new mechanism. At present, a total of garkisen launched two new mechanisms: the new family and occupation ability of cross Card Battle roar BUFF hand attendant. We come to analyze the two mechanisms, to see what the current card, what will be the impact of the trend of the furnace stone. Cross card that comes out of your occupation family may not believe that, although the new version garkisen dirty hands, and help the party lotus unique teaching three family playing very loud, many card names are related to the three families, but in fact the real cross occupation card each family is only 3 to the total. With only is 9. Three families can use the card across occupation were the white card, a blue card and a legend card. Well, a family of these three, really no more. The white catch now only exposed one, is the knight warrior Hunter shared, this is our mechanism in the second part of this paper to the detailed analysis of the transient skip. Lancard catch has all the exposure, battle roar all found a family of three occupation a card.   discovery mechanism is also good, but it is not difficult to clear positioning for the cards in the ladder to find suitable for building their own card group. Orange only exposure to a unique, teach boss Caazacu J. Many people are optimistic about the strong card. Not surprisingly, the other two family orange should also be introduced in the background of each family patriarch. At present, cross professional design is not too good, there are two reasons: 1, the total number of cards too little. This is equivalent to more than three cards for each occupation can only be used for the whole hundred or so of the professional card pool and hundreds of the overall card pool, the impact is too small. Even for the new version of the 132 new cards, the amount of the amount of the 9 can only be regarded as Blizzard to test the water and can not be said to be determined to reform. It’s good to have a few cards shared by several professionals, but the sample size is too small to have a limited impact on the whole of the profession. 2, from the orange Kazhakusi can be seen, the card is not necessarily the three occupation needs. For example, the Caazacu J effect is very awesome, but maybe the universe will use for operation, priest and mage, Caazacu J has little significance. This is just a mere change of the shape of the neutral legend. After all, such as Caazacu J, even if you regard him as a completely neutral card, it is estimated that only the universe will use it. And the universal flow, is basically the universe. From the results point of view, it is possible for them to bring a career card is not used on the card. So say, i.相关的主题文章: