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The new movie "pure heart" by the three listed companies issued a joint Sohu entertainment company representative of "pure heart" of the film features of "pure heart – Dream Entertainment" issue will work arrangements "film of pure soul dream" – the entertainment Sohu entertainment news October 26th afternoon, China film distribution company in China the shares held in the land issue, issue, Hongkong Meiya issued three companies for the movie "pure soul?" the Dream Entertainment issue will work arrangements, the leadership issue, responsible for the movie "pure heart" in the issue, ground work has been seriously discussed and work arrangement. The meeting decided to study by the China film distribution, film distribution, earth era the Great Wall Meiya media three company jointly issued the "pure heart movie together", to more effectively promote the "pure mind" in the issue, landing work. Representatives of the participating companies are also on the current domestic film market and pure heart, the film features a careful analysis and statements, and how to work together in the future are discussed and sorted out. Three companies are the strength of listed companies, which has an important influence in the industry, the Ministry jointly issued a new play by the whole youth debut is also reflected the impressiveness, strong support for young filmmakers. Three company representatives have said that the director Bi Zhifei is a hardworking young director, they have sufficient confidence in the movie "pure heart", will do a good job of distribution, to let more audience have more opportunities to see the sincerity domestic films, has the potential to support the young director and sincerity of domestic films. "Pure heart" producer and director Bi Zhifei on behalf of the direction of the earth, and produced film distribution company of three Meiya young filmmakers expressed strong support for, said it would lead the team with good staff carefully issued three company to do the follow-up work, dedication and sincerity in a youth inspirational film for the audience. It is reported that the "pure heart" is a showbiz theme of youth inspirational film took ten years to build, and will focus on innovation thought, ornamental combination, in addition to no selection of stars, all the remaining domestic large high production standards, has aroused great concern in the industry and the community also, has been in the country of 9 universities internal preview roadshow, viewing the scene warmly, according to statistics, the average shows greatly small laughter over a hundred times, and there are a lot of people moved to tears, is amazing, many audience with the intention of this comes from strict in demands of the production staff. Many college students after viewing spontaneously to the film side to send mail, said he was deeply impressed by the characters in the movie, the story and the positive energy, by viewing aroused my confidence and courage to brave chase dreams. This time, pure heart is to get the domestic three large listed companies jointly issued rare support, can be described as looking forward to. "Pure heart" has fixed gear December 8th, will be at the front end of the Lunar New Year stalls and a number of movies together for the film market chelseagreat.相关的主题文章: