The new leader of the thunder of the first day of duty training to call his voice hoarse (video)

Thunder new leader due diligence on the first day of training on his voice hoarse shouting is bound to welcome the outbreak! Wei Shaoxin Madden season Promo new season thunder struck the first day of training camp, Westbrook shouted hoarse voice. Over the past few years of training camp, Wei Shaodou not so frequently shouted, because the team and Durant. Although less than two years, the momentum is very fierce, but the thunder in the name of Durant’s team, or is their two team. If the little Wei in the training camp sound too much, others will be deemed to seize power, lack of respect for Durant. Oklahoma City new leader Durant has now left the small Wei, Wei less only become the team leader, he must be more vocal, reflect the leader’s role. "My voice is hoarse, but it means that it is a good thing, and we all have a high level of training," Wei said. Thunder coach Donovan found this year, few great changes, become very talkative. New defender oladipo joked that little Wei said too much. "Do you know what they call a natural leader? Judging from his words and actions, he is definitely one of them, his experience is very rich, he played a lot of games, such as him for a long time to maintain a high level of players, it is difficult not to listen to him." Oladipo is on the road, as the team leader. In the past, little love with action, love talking on the pitch, he is not only the leader of the team, winning the right to speak not bad name, but now he is the only leader, everyone as he transformed into absolute leader. All the players have to lead them out of the little Wei pointed without the shadow of Durant, continue to be a force in the west. "My job is to always give my opinion, not just that day, but every day I have to try my best to express my opinion, help my teammates improve and help the team win the game," Wei said. Oladipo seems to have become less Wei small attendant, he quipped Wei less hoarse voice, say that this is the presence of small Wei sing dumb. "Some nights I can’t sleep, I will call him, let him sing me to sleep," oladipo face huaixiao. Of course, it’s a joke. It’s not true. How to be a competent leader, Wei is also groping himself. This summer, Shaohe thunder 3 years of $85 million, would mean they might peak a few years and the thunder tied together. He needs to play the power of his teammates and inspire everyone’s potential. "I think we have to be able to play it, it is not to rely on the lower Wei person to complete everything, making every shot, either his own shots or create opportunities for other people." Veteran Nick collison said ·. Coison is one of the team’s right to speak more veteran, but on the pitch he is difficult to provide much help, his playing time in the past two years gradually compressed. This offseason, the thunder also lost yibaka, thunder four year less Durant, Wei, harden and yibaka, only people in the thunder Shao wei. Ola Po, Adams and Kanter are expected to gain more power in the new season. As the collison said.相关的主题文章: