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The next station is the Internet era of artificial intelligence   giant accelerator bit layout – media – original title: Internet next station: the era of artificial intelligence China Internet giant Baidu in the field of artificial intelligence and the new game, October 11th Baidu officially launched the latest Baidu medical brain results in the medical field of artificial intelligence Baidu". In the near future, Google has just introduced a variety of Google’s artificial intelligence technology into the hardware products, Microsoft announced the formation of the scale of 5000 artificial intelligence corps. Many Internet giants as Google, Baidu, Microsoft is headed by is accelerating in the field of artificial intelligence card layout, the era of artificial intelligence seems to be the trend of the coming of hitherto unknown. So what is artificial intelligence? What are the giants in the layout, artificial intelligence technology and how to change our world? What is artificial intelligence? What is artificial intelligence? Innovation workshop chairman and CEO Li Kaifu in the golden age of artificial intelligence, said in a speech, I think probably there are several parts. The first is the perception, perception is including vision, speech and language; then decision, make some predictions, do some judgment, these are decision-making level; of course, if you want to do a complete system, like a robot or automatic driving, it will need a feedback." In addition, many people wonder why in recent years artificial intelligence began to make great breakthroughs? Baidu chief scientist Wu Enda said the main reason is that the machine learning and deep learning. "Our deep learning (neural network) works in a way similar to the working principle of neurons in the brain. When we use a lot of data to provide a neural network model, our model will become more and more clever. What data can be provided to the neural network? In the medical field, such as medical text data, such as medical image data are the data types, we can provide such a model, when we provide more data to the neural network model, it will become more and more intelligent." Another insiders said the current artificial intelligence is to hitherto unknown situation raging, partly because the majority of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists have artificial intelligence as treasure has not yet opened up next, but on the other hand, compared with the popular concept of stage, unmanned vehicles, AlphaGo has put artificial intelligence technology into "the tangible" situation. Between the big card layout according to the consulting firm VentureScanner statistics, in 2016 the global artificial Intelligent Company has exceeded 1000, across 13 sub categories, the amount of financing of up to $4 billion 800 million. In the 2016 World Economic Forum Report, artificial intelligence is predicted to be the core technology representative of the fourth industrial revolution, will change the business model and the labor market in the next 5 years. In recent years, the Internet giant is crazy staking, we generally believe that the next era will be the era of artificial intelligence. Google chief executive officer wood at the October 4th conference, said in the next 10 years相关的主题文章: