The police of Fengxiang have cracked more than 400 cases of a case of major telecommunications fraud-roselip

Fengxiang police cracked a large telecommunications fraud crime in more than 400 years of western network (Shaanxi radio and television today click "" reporter Ma Jindan Wei Xiangyang) recently, Baoji Fengxiang police cracked a large telecommunications fraud, fraud Gang posing as professor of Chinese Medicine Research Institute, Poverty Alleviation Office chief, even the Public Security Bureau police, said the so-called "can be issued state subsidies for poverty alleviation, less than a year on the implementation of the more than 400 serial fraud, cheated about 7000000 yuan of money. So, how do the swindlers get their hands? In March 10th of this year, Xing Baihui, a villager in Chengguan Town, Fengxiang County, came to the Shi Jiying police station to report a case, saying that someone had phoned his own money. Victim Xing Baihui (pseudonym): I was deceived sixty thousand or seventy thousand altogether. The informant Xing Bai Huinian nearly 70 years old, he also said it was not clear how deceived, but through careful inquiry, the police found that Xing Baihui should encounter telecommunications fraud, police investigation. Fengxiang County Public Security Bureau Shi Jia Camp police station police Yang Fangbing: the amount of money involved is relatively large, borrowed money is his money. After a preliminary investigation, the police found the suspect in the process, the implementation of fraud, the victim Xing Baihui did not hit each other directly to the money account, but the other by express gift of health care products, Xing Baihui and the fees and other expenses to the courier, the courier after collecting periodic settlement to the criminal suspect. After mastering the basic case, Fengxiang police immediately set up more than 10 competent police forces to form a special case group to detect the case. Fengxiang County Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade second middle team captain Hao Xiaofeng: around the case of the telecommunications flow, capital flow, the telecommunications flow is the phone number, the capital flow is the victim’s whereabouts, after the analysis of the telephone is Changping District, Beijing. The police investigation found that the courier collection of money the victim Xing Baihui after the final settlement unit for Beijing Hengbao Dragon Culture Development Co. Ltd., Bank of Beijing branch of Construction Bank Chinese. Fengxiang County Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade second middle team captain Hao Xiaofeng: I and Zhang Yingxuan police rushed to Beijing, first of all, around the cash bank, to monitor and get the details. After analyzing and judging the location of the suspect’s withdrawal, the police initially determined that the main activity area of the suspect is near a district of Beiqijia town in Changping District, Beijing. Fengxiang County Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade second middle team captain Hao Xiaofeng: through the investigation of mobile phone number, using a fake ID card, but the card is also located near the hot spring garden area. Although the investigation of the months of waiting like look for a needle in the ocean, but hard work pays off, after a week, the police finally found a suspected in the bank surveillance video appeared to suspect in the area out of the crowd, and then started to carry on the all-weather track. Fengxiang County Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Team second team captain Hao Xiaofeng: after more than 20 days of tracking, finally found the fraud dens, located in Beiqijia town eight immortals movie base 407, 409 rooms. Subsequently, the group decided to close the net. In May 20th of this year, with the cooperation of Beijing police, the task force captured 8 suspects, such as Song Wen, Lu Guang and Bai Yuan, who were suspected of telecoms fraud in Beijing Changping District eight immortals hotel. Later, he was arrested in Shanxi, Gansu and other places. The criminal suspect Huang was arrested by Guangzhou railway police in August 17th. Up to now, the police have captured 18 members of the gang suspected of fraud. Fengxiang County Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation team leader Hao Xiaofeng: after the preliminary examination, the country involved a total of 440 victims, the amount of more than 700 million. So, how does this fraudulent Gang implement fraud? As a result, Huang Mou, the main criminal suspect of the gang, has worked in the telephone marketing company for three years, and later resign as the income is not high. Subsequently, he rented a house in the city of Beijing, Changping District, and the acquisition of gateway, telephone and other facilities, the price of 2 to 6 yuan each to buy thousands of the country had previously purchased health products customer information through the network, as well as some cheap health care products, and the recruitment of a white, Song Wen Yuan Mou as the implementation of fraud. The criminal suspect Song Wen: he has come to him at a higher level. Police: what does it do to him? The criminal suspect Song Wen: when he started, Huang said it was a telephone selling medicine, and then he knew it was a fraud. The main criminal suspect Huang himself wrote the "words of the words", that is, the script of the fraud. According to the script provided by Huang, each operator forged the expert identity of the Chinese Medicine Research Institute and began to carry out fraud. A reporter found in a notebook at the police site saw a telephone operator forged himself as a professor of Chinese Medicine Research Institute. Hao Xiaofeng, the head of the second brigade of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Fengxiang County Public Security Bureau, has made a mental effort to compile the export order so that the victims can trust them and send money to them continuously, just like the movie script. The suspect is Bai Yuan: I am a pro poor office. Did you buy a certain medicine before, ask him the physical condition, and then get to know it almost, that is basically meet the requirements. Let me see if I can apply for a subsidy to you. In order to increase the credibility, the suspect does not allow customers to put money directly call themselves, but to give customers free health care products, health care products and send by courier to collect money, cheat the first money amount is not generally, is 1500 yuan, said it was issuing "poverty subsidy" filing fee. When the money came to the hand, the cheater then took a step by the script. Fengxiang County Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade second brigade police Wei Xiaoliang: after a few days, the suspect called the victim again. He said that the archives had been built in the National Poverty Alleviation Office, and the second time it needed to pay the archiving fee is now willing to pay 10 or 20 years. If a subsidy is made for 10 years in 10 years, if a subsidy is made for 20 years in 20 years, the cost of archiving is one dollar a day. Fengxiang County Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade second middle team captain Hao Xiaofeng: after a few days, the suspect disguised as a Poverty Alleviation Office, called the victim, said the poverty alleviation has come down to 100 thousand yuan, the state needs to pay personal income tax, and the personal income tax is 11000 yuan. As the victim gets deeper and deeper, the swindlers have more words. Fengxiang County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade squadron of police Wei Xiaoliang said: the national poverty alleviation office leader, was arrested because of corruption, the poverty alleviation funds all frozen, if you need to pay money essentials, the victim to thaw fee, no way, in the form of cash on delivery, pay 26000 yuan fee to thaw. Fengxiang County Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade second middle team captain Hao Xiaofeng: I want to insurance, for your 100 thousand yuan to buy an insurance, the money will not be any problem, the premium is 8000 yuan. Fengxiang County Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade second brigade police Wei Xiaoliang: we send a special bank car to send money to you, but you have to pay the freight, so you pay seven thousand or eight thousand yuan. Subsequently, the victim left the right and so on, but has been waiting for the so-called money transport car, it began to call the suspect. The captain of the Criminal Investigation Brigade squadron of Fengxiang County Public Security Bureau Hao Xiaofeng said: give you money on the way a car accident died, the suspect has no intention to deceive the victim, the victim in order to 100 thousand yuan relief matter, don’t stop to suspect call, so he thought of a suspected fraud. Fengxiang County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade squadron of police Wei Xiaoliang: for a call for a role, this call to say we are Beijing Chaoyang Branch of the police, before the Poverty Alleviation Office are deceptive, these gangs, liars are we caught you before the money is are they cheated, but now you have to get the money, need to pay a deposit or a fee. In this way, the fraud Gang bombarded the victims in a fictitious and different status. Those victims suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension thought they could get the national allowance for poverty alleviation, but at last they were fooled. The police said the victims were all over the country in more than 20 provinces and cities, and there were five in Shaanxi province. In this case, one of the most heavily lost victims was cheated by 380 thousand yuan. At present, the case is still being further dug. Fengxiang Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade captain Song Yongxian: Here I remind the masses, when receiving an unknown phone or SMS to be vigilant, do not believe the sky diaoxianbing thing, not easily to each other to provide the bank account transfer before confirming the identity of the other party.

凤翔警方破获特大电信诈骗案 一年作案400多起   西部网讯(陕西广播电视台《今日点击》记者 马晋丹 卫向阳)近日,宝鸡凤翔警方破获了一起特大电信诈骗案,诈骗团伙冒充中医研究院教授、扶贫办科长,甚至公安局民警,声称可以发放所谓的“国家扶贫补贴”,不到一年时间就实施了400多起连环诈骗,骗得钱财700多万元。那么,骗子们是如何得手的呢?   今年3月10号,凤翔县城关镇村民邢白惠来到石家营派出所报案,称有人打电话骗了自己的钱。   受害人邢白惠(化名):我一共被骗了六七万。   报案人邢白惠年近70岁,自己也说不清楚究竟是如何被骗的,但通过仔细询问,民警发现,邢白惠遭遇的应该是电信诈骗,警方随即立案侦查。   凤翔县公安局石家营派出所民警杨芳兵:涉案金额比较大,借来的钱都是他看病的钱。   经过初步侦查,警方发现,在嫌疑人实施诈骗的过程中,受害人邢白惠并未直接将钱打到对方银行账户,而是对方通过快递赠送保健品,邢白惠再将手续费等费用交给快递员,快递员代收之后定期结算给犯罪嫌疑人。在掌握了基本案情后,凤翔警方随即抽调10余名精干警力组成专案组,对案件全力展开侦破。   凤翔县公安局刑侦大队二中队中队长郝晓锋:围绕案子的电信流、资金流,电信流就是打电话手机号,资金流就是受害人钱的去向,分析电话之后是北京昌平区。   警方侦查发现,快递员代收了受害人邢白惠的钱款后,最终的结算单位为北京市恒宝腾龙文化发展有限公司,开户行是中国建设银行北京某支行。   凤翔县公安局刑侦大队二中队中队长郝晓锋:我和张颖轩民警就赶赴北京,首先是围绕取现金的银行,调取监控,调取明细。   通过对犯罪嫌疑人取款地点的分析研判,警方初步确定犯罪嫌疑人的主要活动区域为北京昌平区北七家镇某小区附近。   凤翔县公安局刑侦大队二中队中队长郝晓锋:通过调查手机号,用的是假身份证办理的,但是办理卡的地方也在温泉花园小区附近。   虽然蹲点守候这种侦查方式就像大海捞针一样,但功夫不负有心人,一个星期后,民警终于在小区进出的人群里发现了一名疑似在银行监控录像中出现过的犯罪嫌疑人,并随即开始对其进行全天候跟踪。   凤翔县公安局刑侦大队二中队中队长郝晓锋:先后通过20多天跟踪,最后终于发现诈骗窝点,位于北七家镇八仙影视基地407、409房间。   随后,专案组决定收网。今年5月20号,在北京警方的配合下,专案组在北京市昌平区八仙宾馆将涉嫌电信诈骗的犯罪嫌疑人宋文某、路光某、白元某等8名犯罪嫌疑人抓获。之后,又在山西、甘肃等地将犯罪嫌疑人张英某、申雪某等抓获;8月17号,主要犯罪嫌疑人黄某被广州铁路公安民警抓获。截至目前,警方共抓获这个涉嫌诈骗犯罪的团伙成员18人。   凤翔县公安局刑侦大队二中队中队长郝晓锋:经过初步审查,全国共涉及受害人440人,涉案金额700余万。   那么,这一诈骗团伙是如何实施诈骗的呢?经查,团伙的主要犯罪嫌疑人黄某曾在电话营销公司工作过三年,后来嫌收入不高而辞职。随后,他在北京市昌平区租了房子,并购置网关、电话机等设施,以每条2到6元不等的价格通过网络购买了上千条全国各地以前曾购买过保健品的客户信息,以及一些廉价保健品,又招聘宋文某、白元某等人担任话务员实施诈骗。   犯罪嫌疑人宋文某:提成比较高,就到他这里来了。   民警:到他这里干什么?   犯罪嫌疑人宋文某:一开始去的时候黄某说的是电话卖药,后来才知道是诈骗。   主要犯罪嫌疑人黄某亲自编写“话术单”,也就是诈骗的剧本。每位话务员根据黄某提供的剧本,伪造中医研究院专家身份,开始实施诈骗。在警方现场查收的一本笔记本中记者看到,一名话务员给自己伪造的身份是中医研究院教授。   凤翔县公安局刑侦大队二中队中队长郝晓锋:苦费脑筋编导出话术单为了让受害者信任他们,不断给他们汇款,就像电影剧本一样。   犯罪嫌疑人白元某:我是扶贫办的,你之前是不是买过某某药,问他身体情况,然后了解差不多了,就说基本符合条件,我这边看能不能给你申请一个补助。   为了增加“可信度”,犯罪嫌疑人不让客户直接把钱打给自己,而是给客户赠送保健品,同时由送保健品的快递员代收钱款,骗到的第一笔钱一般额度不大,是1500元,说这是发放“扶贫补助”的建档费。这笔钱到手后,骗子再按照剧本一步步行骗。   凤翔县公安局刑侦大队二中队民警韦晓亮:过几天之后,嫌疑人再给受害人打电话,就说档案在国家扶贫办已经建好了,第二次需要交存档费,现在是愿意交10年还是20年。如果交10年就补助10年,如果交20年就补助20年,存档费是一天一块钱。   凤翔县公安局刑侦大队二中队中队长郝晓锋:过了几天嫌疑人又冒充扶贫办,给受害人打电话说扶贫款已经下来了是10万元,国家需要交个人所得税,个人所得税是11000块钱。   随着受害人越陷越深,骗子还有更多的说辞。   凤翔县公安局刑侦大队二中队民警韦晓亮:对受害人说国家扶贫办领导,因为贪污受贿被逮捕了,这些扶贫款全部被冻结了,你如果要领钱,需要交解冻费,受害人一听没办法,又以货到付款的形式,交26000多元的解冻费。   凤翔县公安局刑侦大队二中队中队长郝晓锋:咱为了保险起见,为你的10万元买一笔保险,钱就不会出啥问题,保险费是8000元。   凤翔县公安局刑侦大队二中队民警韦晓亮:我们派银行专门的运钞车,给你把钱送过来,但是你必须交押运费,所以又交了七八千元。   随后,受害人左等右等,但一直等不到所谓的运钞车,就开始给嫌疑人打电话。   凤翔县公安局刑侦大队二中队中队长郝晓锋:说给你送钱的人半路出车祸死掉了,嫌疑人已经不打算再骗这个受害人,结果受害人为了所谓的10万元扶贫,不停给嫌疑人打电话,嫌疑人于是又想到一个诈骗手段。   凤翔县公安局刑侦大队二中队民警韦晓亮:又换一个电话,又换一个角色,这次打电话说我们是北京市朝阳分局的公安民警,之前扶贫办这些都是骗人的,这些犯罪团伙、骗子都被我们抓了,你以前交的钱都是被他们骗的,但是现在你要拿到被骗的钱,需要交保证金或者手续费。   就这样,这个诈骗团伙以虚构的不同身份对受害人进行轮番轰炸,这些身患糖尿病、高血压等慢性病的受害人本以为可以拿到数额不等的国家扶贫补贴,但最后却是屡屡上当。警方介绍,受害者遍布全国20多个省市,陕西省共有五位。这起案件中,损失最重的一位受害者被骗资金38万元。目前这一案件仍在进一步深挖中。   凤翔公安局刑侦大队大队长宋永贤:在此我提醒广大群众,当接到不明电话或短信时要提高警惕,不要相信天上掉馅饼的好事,在没有确认对方身份之前不要轻易向对方提供的银行账号转账。相关的主题文章: