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The preliminary information: the Orangemen and Qatar played 16 times prevailed on Tuesday 003             World Cup;; VS   Chinese Qatar     2016-11-15; 19:35         location: Kunming weather: Sunny 22 Orangemen and Qatar in the race a total of 16 against, with 7 wins 4 flat 5 negative slightly dominant, but alive preliminaries only 2 wins 3 flat 4 negative. The two sides in recent games against the current World Cup Asian Zone 40 finals, the Orangemen lost 0-1 guest at the end of the round, ahead of qualifying in the opponent’s home court case 2-0 to win the final miracle last 12 match. 12 of the race 4 races, Chinese team only got 1 flat 3 negative poor record, the team ranked bottom position, qualifying hopes to retain the high price, the Football Association, Chinese marshal Lippi, after Lippi took office in the selection of personnel has changed, before the Gao Hongbo period a few bad players take under the recall of captain Zheng Zhi, intended to strengthen the control of the midfield. Lippi coached the team after the Chinese rebound is valued generally, to this effect in the short term, for the effect brought by marshal. Qatar world cup team before the 3 war all failed, somewhat surprisingly, lost away to South Korea and Iran can be understood, but the home court 0-1 against Uzbekistan, the team who is not a small pressure, the last round of World Cup in Qatar defeated Syria 1-0 home court, the first victory got the world cup, the team 4, 3 points, in Qatar, this is a war to win the game, and Russia’s friendlies, Qatar home court 2-1 comeback win over the opponent, to show a good competitive state. In Qatar, the battle of the negative news, the team experienced many times to turn before the match day days to reach the game city, in the rest time than the China team to the difference a lot. The disc common to early China team main let flat half water advantage on disk, and Chinese team group phase compared to win half a water concession home court advantage, this war and plate chupan shallow open is not small, the note plate plate to maintain a low water compensation force, part of the company transition to China team Lord let hemisphere high water disk, Chinese team performance such a weak background, because of the arrival of Lippi showed additional theme tension disc lifting intention expression with the guide, hanging in a high-profile unfavorable situation, the war Chinese team to win, let the ball play SMG radio main negative suggestions. China team: Yan Junling, prediction of first Li Xuepeng, Feng Xiaoting, Mei Fang, Zhang Linpeng, Zhang Xizhe, Zheng Zhi, Huang Bowen, Gao Lin, Zhang Yuning, Wu Lei, Qatar: Al · prediction of first Shure ratio, Correia, Abdul Madjid, Cazorla, Moussa, Chi, Asadha La, Fyfe, O seara, Ahmed ·, and Arden (knowing; laugh)相关的主题文章: