The Premier League has only one world – class club and he has to rely on him-misao

Point of view: the Premier League only a world-class Guardiola Barcelona he must rely on Hiller that Guardiola must rely on Aguero sina sports on the weekend’s Premier League, Manchester 4-0 victory over West brom. Two team striker Aguero scored eye-catching performance. England legend striker Alan – Hiller believes that in today’s Premier League, the only one of the world’s top superstar Aguero. Hiller: when I translated column on twitter said that Aguero is the only Premier League World Star was to a lot of controversy. I know that everyone has their point of view. But first, let’s define what is world class? First of all, I think the most important thing is that a player can continue to play the highest level, and this state for many years. Second, his ability to stand in any of the top five in the world. Then, every game he plays will be able to contribute more, and he will seize every opportunity to decide the game. And Aguero has all the qualities. Hiller appreciated Aguero and a lot of people mentioned to me that they were good players, but they didn’t have the same points as I mentioned in the, when they were talking to Sanchez. Aguero is not only a good shooter, but he always gives a brilliant goal. West Brom Manchester City in the game, we have seen everything. We must remember that the 1112 season, he decided the championship winning shots, it fully demonstrated his talent. On the other hand, in addition to his goal, he will help other teammates into the game, this season you will see a more comprehensive Aguero. For me, there is a player who will make the Champions League very different in the game. Speaking of this, I have to say that some do not understand why before the game against Barcelona, melon Shuai did not let Aguero start. In two Al Ittihad fight tomorrow, he will not do so. So, yes, Aguero is the only world-class player in the premier league. Finally, Hiller also talked about his mind in Premier League history ten strongman, including Bergkamp, Giggs, Henry, Scholes, Terry, Adams, Gerrard, Rooney, Lampard and Vieira. (Marco)相关的主题文章: