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The Prime Minister of Canada will participate in the Gay Pride Parade [global network reporter reports     early] according to Toronto Canada Xiaohui Gay Pride Parade organizers, Prime Minister Durudo will participate in the gay pride parade in July 3rd. He will be the first head of state to participate in the event. According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao February 23rd news, Broadcasting British Corporation reported that Canadian treasurer Monet, governor of Ontario province Wayne, and Toronto mayor Zhuang Deli will also participate in this activity. Wayne is Canada’s first lesbian governor. Canada’s new prime minister Trudeau tweeted said: "really looking forward to participate in this activity again, this time in as prime minister." The Canadian Press quoted the March organizers as saying that gay refugees in Syria will also participate in the event. "It’s not only a big story in Canada, it’s also a big news all over the world," said the executive director of the gay parade in Toronto. He said: "Trudeau is not only one of the sexiest political leaders, but as far as I know, no country leader has ever attended a gay parade." The liberal prime minister, who was sworn in last October, ended the ten year reign of the Conservative Party in Canada, marking the beginning of a new era of liberal politics in canada. In the general election, the Liberal Party’s open attitude towards sensitive issues such as cannabis and homosexuality provided Durudo with free votes for many political and economic factors. Editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222 加拿大总理将参加同性恋自豪大游行   【环球网报道 记者 初晓慧】据加拿大多伦多市同性恋自豪大游行组织者介绍,总理杜鲁多将在7月3日参加同性恋自豪大游行。他将是首位参加该活动的国家首脑。   据新加坡《联合早报》2月23日消息,英国广播公司报道称,加拿大财长莫奈、安大略省省长韦恩,以及多伦多市市长庄德利也将参加该活动。韦恩是加拿大第一位女同性恋省长。   加拿大新总理特鲁多发推文说:“非常期待再次参加这项活动,这次是以总理身份参加。” 推文   加拿大媒体引述游行组织者说,叙利亚同性恋难民也将参加这次活动。   多伦多同性恋大游行执行主任受访时表示,这不但在加拿大是个大新闻,而且在全世界也是大新闻。他说:“特鲁多不但是一位最性感的政治领导人,而且据我所知,此前还没有一位国家领导人参加同性恋大游行。”   这位来自自由党的总理去年10月宣誓就职,结束了加拿大保守党长达十年的执政,标志着加拿大自由政治的新时代开端。   在大选中,自由党对于大麻、同性恋等敏感问题的开放态度为杜鲁多争取到许多政治经济因素外的游离选票。 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: