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The purchase of the property market, travel chaos and the domestic film – inventory of 2016 National Day Golden Week hot words — Society — Xinhua Hefei October 7 Xinhua: the purchase of the property market, travel chaos and the domestic film – 2016 National Day Golden Week inventory of hot words Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Ziyun property purchase frequency, travel chaos, holiday consumption, busy travel risk, movie "dark horse"…… During the National Day holiday, some hot words in the field of life and leisure are impressive. [] the purchase of the property market more than 10 city announced the purchase of the policy is expected to curb housing prices in the year since the property market continued unpopular background, during the holiday to the introduction of a series of "purchase order" will be the most popular topic on the property market. From September 30th to October 7th, Nanjing, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hefei, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Zhuhai, Dongguan more than 10 city released a new market regulation policy, to restart credit limit restriction. Such as Tianjin 1 days from the date of the implementation of regional property purchase restrictions, to strengthen the differentiated credit policy; Shenzhen based control policy introduced in March this year, the property market regulation and puts forward eight measures, a record mortgage Shoufu not less than 50% or 70%; Nanjing property purchase emergency "plus", single people limit purchase a set of housing. In order to regulate the real estate market, the Ministry of housing has for some of the alleged illegal sale, malicious hype, seriously disrupting the order of the real estate market behavior of real estate development enterprises and intermediary exposure warning. These housing prices and housing intermediary manufacturing tensions, by means of the pre-sale, property hoarding, inciting consumer purchases, in order to achieve the purpose of raising prices, for personal gain. From the central to local, is to promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market. Insiders believe that this series of measures to curb the rapid rise in prices, stabilize social expectations, will play an active role. In the future should adhere to the guidance of the classification, the hot city "control prices, anti risk, anti bubble", the three or four line cities and counties to inventory. [] travel chaos "black guide" and "unreasonable low price tour" lvjinbujue cultural re cited concern since October 1, 2013, tourism law has been implemented for 3 years. However, black tour unreasonable low group ills still Jiuzhibuyu, and in the golden week of focus highlights. As has been the National Tourism Bureau warned after the rectification of the Mount Wutai scenic area "black Tour" and "scalpers" illegal showmanship phenomenon is still serious; in Xibaipo scenic tourism, local villagers and tourists shouted "hailed to dinner just let the past, do not eat to bypass"; in Beijing, visitors are not required to pay a fine shopping guide etc.. Some cities are actively improving the tourism market regulation. As the holiday period, Sanya sent 115 teams of thorough investigation, a number of functional departments of the joint force, investigated more than disrupt the travel order behavior; Inner Mongolia tourism quality complaints telephone and complaint handling platform 24 hours answering and check, ensure tourist complaints receive timely treatment. With the tourism market chaos the same concern, there are 3 Wuhan tourists in the Enshi Grand Canyon beating 19 year old female tour guide". Wait for the departure due to return problem)相关的主题文章: