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The Reds legend: United haven’t left behind Mourinho win too much experience will love you could not understand me and do not drop me. He is not proud not Mourinho Carragher that Mourinho led the United Tencent sports news Mourinho in October 10th is expected to catch up from behind Manchester United in the new season of the British super poor start, only get 13 points at present standings ranked sixth, but the "Daily Mirror" news, Liverpool (data) legend Carragher, Manchester United are not out of the Premier League title in the war, because of Mourinho’s winning experience is too rich. In the summer, Manchester adds Bailey, mkhitaryan, Pogba and Ibrahimovic four new signings, in order to challenge for the Premier League title, Woodward also invited Mourinho once won three Premiership champions. Although the current Premier League is not ideal, but in the eyes of Carragher, Manchester United or not out of it, "I feel like this is (more likely than Liverpool united to win the Champions League), in Liverpool because of the better start, but don’t forget, two or three days ago, we are still talking about the Premier League this season, the battle at Manchester United and Manchester City (data) between the start." "So, I still think United can get ideal at the end of the season ranking, because their coach has a wealth of experience to win the Premiership, therefore, in the early stage of the season, I don’t think that Manchester United have left behind. I think they will do their best to win and I want Liverpool to fight for the title." Compared to Manchester United, Carragher’s team played well in Liverpool, Leicester City, has encountered A Senna, Chelsea (data) and Tottenham’s case, Liverpool scored 16 points, currently ranked fourth in the standings, earlier today, klopp also hinted that the Reds are capable of Premier League competition. (Brooke)相关的主题文章: