The Russian fleet combat readiness status defense exercises in the Black Sea sea-tinyos

The Russian fleet in the Black Sea sea full combat readiness to start defense drills data figure: Russia’s Black Sea fleet is collaborative exercise original title: Russian fleet deployment defense drills Xinhua news agency in Moscow in August 27, in the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea (reporter Wei Lianglei) the Russian Defense Ministry said 27 days before the start of the day, according to the unified deployment of assault readiness inspection. The Russian Navy warships in the Black Sea and sea launched defensive drills. According to the Briefing News Bureau of the Ministry of defence, the Russians sent a guided missile destroyer, anti submarine frigates, missile boats and gunboats and minesweepers, air defense and for water damage prevention drills. Drill and test subjects including radar to detect suspicious targets, ship weapons firing, single and multi warship tactical air defense group. As part of an assault readiness inspection, the Russian Western military region, the Central Military large aircraft 26 were moved to the South military tune. The Russian Defense Ministry started 25 days of the Russian armed forces assault readiness inspection, covering the southern military region, Western military region, the Central Military Region and the Beihai fleet, commander in chief of the military air Department, airborne command is also involved in the exercise. Related to military and forces into full combat readiness. This readiness inspection will continue until 31 this month. In recent years, NATO in Europe, especially with Russia at the junction of the increasing deployment of troops, so that Russia’s concerns. In response, the Russian held several large-scale assault readiness inspection and combat exercises, in order to improve the quality and management of military readiness command authority.相关的主题文章: