The same hot Zhao Wei and Jia Yueting’s treatment why not the same


just past the weekend, the capital market, there are two stars are very compelling: one is the film star Zhao Wei, a pioneer star Jia Yueting. They have become the focus of public opinion in the acquisition or acquisition of listed companies, but the treatment seems to be not the same.

previously, Zhao Wei founded the company "Long Wei media" to 60 million yuan cash prize of 3 billion yuan, the acquisition of listed companies "home culture" of 29.135% of the shares and become the actual controller of the listed company, which led to the Shanghai Stock Exchange by letter of the transaction 17 bursts of inquiries, including 3 billion yuan from where come, and Ali is not related, but public opinion has also give birth to the "short-term speculation shell" sleight of hand "and" harvest retail "and questioned.

and LETV Holding Group founder and chairman, CEO Jia Yueting, in the tense capital chain crisis, in 14, finally ushered in the "Prince Charming", get 15 billion yuan, China rongchuang obligingly investment and China Life 1 billion 800 million yuan, huge financing totaled about 16 billion 800 million yuan, urgent solution. There are public opinion, but also to maintain the mentality of the onlookers, but few make the.

this is an intriguing question: is the capital market of Zhao Wei and Jia Yueting’s influential man, why not the same treatment? Is it because Zhao Wei is a movie star, you should not play the capital market, it should be with special respect? Is it because the Jia Yueting entrepreneur and entrepreneur, even in the burn stop mode has no ground for blame, even behoove?

contrast of "identity", implied a strong tragic color. Its subtext is that Jia Yueting can, of course, Zhao Wei. Jia Yueting can play the repairer dream, Zhao Wei can also play the film dream. If you can, Zhao Wei can not, is a kind of discrimination. Public opinion on Zhao Wei’s questions would be unfair.

but this "identity" is in fact an unwarranted proposition. "Long Wei media" acquisition "10000 culture" is a public concern, it is because of Zhao Wei’s film stardom; but in fact, Zhao Wei was questioned but not because of her identity, but from the phenomenon and logic behind the acquisition of the event.

this question is not because of the amount of 3 billion yuan prize: Zhao Wei than Jia Yueting won 16 billion 800 million yuan is obviously pale into insignificance by comparison; this question may not be because of the high leverage: in accordance with the "Long Wei media" interpretation, Zhao Wei couples repayment ability is very strong, the assets of up to 5 billion 663 million yuan, much higher than the financial capital and can pledge covering 1 billion 500 million yuan, repayment ability, the risk of default is not.

really let Zhao Wei questioned, is a high leverage funds to do what, where to invest. Vanguard culture and music, the biggest difference is that the former is more like a fun for shell resources, while the latter is not. Zhao Wei and Jia Yueting are treated differently;