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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Are you looking for a more special way to truly capture a moment, an occasion, or an achievement? Perhaps you want something more substantial than a photographsomething that evokes a strong emotional response from those who see and touch it? Personalised crystal gifts are the best way to commemorate an accomplishment or event in a unique way. Personalised gifts let you include a special message that will be remembered forever. Whether youre looking for a Christmas present, a wedding gift, or even an award, you will find a wide selection of crystal items that can be engraved for all occasions. Whats more, you can order them online. Each product will likely come with instructions on how many characters can be engraved on each line. Be sure to check the personalisation before submitting your order. You should receive the personalised crystal gift within a few days. Why Choose Crystal? Many materialsincluding stainless steel, silver, and even woodcan be personalised with engravings, but crystals have an appeal all their own. Clear quartz crystals have always been symbolic of luxury and strength. In fact, they were considered sacred stones by ancient civilisations. For centuries, crystals were even used in healing rituals. Egyptians attracted the power of light using them. The weight and presence of crystals give them mystical appeal. Even American Indians revered crystal as sacred symbols of light. They were used to cut the umbilical cords of new-borns and are buried with the dead, apart from being used in many other rituals and ceremonies. In ancient Tibet, crystals are sacred objects said to be empowered by the elements. Many other cultures around the world carry crystals in poucheseven to this dayfor protection from negative energy. Crystals have long been associated with healing, transforming the spirit, guarding against negativity, inspiring intuitive insight, and facilitating the flow of energy. The clarity and transparency of crystal gives it a beautiful mirror quality. Its easy to see why crystal has been traditionally thought of as a symbol of white light. These materials are said to be conductors (receivers and transmitters) of positive vibrations. Whether they are fashioned into beautiful photo frames, awards, crystal blocks, or even clocks or vases for holding flowers, personalised crystal gifts bring elegance to any space. Personalised crystal gifts are easy to order online . You cant go wrong with them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: