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The "Star Trek" 3 audience very "burning"   is expected to detonate the 9 moon city — entertainment channel — original title: evaluation of the audience is "burning" is expected to detonate the 9 moon city plain summer in the past, in September, the Hollywood blockbuster hits. In September 2nd, the highly anticipated "Star Trek 3" released yesterday, the film in Shenzhen but Jiahe studios held media will see the film. The great universe, burst warships, imaginative confrontation scenes…… Viewers generally evaluate the film "burning". 3 "Star Trek" is the story of captain Kirk led the enterprise’s crew, expanded the Jedi story for the villain’s plans to stop the extinction. From the beginning of the film, the villain of the attack was made by "bee matrix" in the form of numerous small aircraft "bee array", like locusts gnawing a huge Starship Enterprise, the ship had been mutilated by the crew or bits and pieces, the prisoners, or use the escape pod falling to an unknown planet. Miss Zhang to the audience against the scene memories, she said, Pifu shake the tree, "like locusts at the scene very imaginative spaceship". With the development of the story, Captain Kirk finally set the crew on the unknown planet, and found that the villain ulterior motives in inadvertently, the purpose is to destroy Starfleet bases. In order to prevent the villain Carle madness, Captain Kirk led the crew to use an abandoned ship to catch up, and find the most against bee matrix big kill rock music with rock music interference "bee array", "bee array" in space, such as ringing salute, gorgeous explosion the visual effect is very shocking. The audience Mr. Liu said, "Star Trek 3" is indeed large, this single segment has been worth the price against. (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: