The temperature will drop from Thursday morning on Saturday

The temperature will drop from Thursday morning on Saturday

cold air to disturb the shanghai. Reporters learned yesterday from the Municipal Meteorological Bureau, the city began to decline in temperature on Thursday, which will be close to freezing point on Saturday morning.

during the day yesterday, Shanghai cloud more, south of sporadic rain, at night with a trough northward, into a light rain weather. The minimum temperature in most areas in the morning between 1 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees Celsius, the temperature continued to pick up during the day, the maximum temperature of Xujiahui station rose to 9.7 degrees celsius.

today the city still maintain the rainy weather, temperature difference is between 7 and 10 DEG C, the body feeling cold and wet, blowing north wind 3-4.

affected by cold air on Thursday, the city’s wind, rain gradually stopped to cloudy weather; the second half of this week to the beginning of next week under the control of high altitude Northwest Airflow, sunny or cloudy weather. In under the influence of cold air, the temperature will drop to 1 between Friday and 4 DEG C; the city center Saturday morning minimum temperature of almost 0 degrees below the freezing point, the suburbs, people need to keep warm.

the beginning of next week, the city has a cold air to supplement the impact, the temperature is below 8 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature in the vicinity of freezing point.

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