The true world had a studio in October 29th inaugurated in Beijing-ekdv-273

"The true world" Wang Lijun studio in Beijing in October 29th inaugurated many guests together as "the true world art space" and the "Wang Lijun studio" was unveiled in October 29, 2016, Milan landscape "hidden world" and really art space of Kam Po master Wang Lijun studio is the grand opening ceremony of the opening type, including Ye Peilan, Cai Guosheng, Jin Yunchang gathered Liu Yan, Jin Shen Zhang Shufen, Wang Chuncheng, Che Qikai, Fan Haiyang, Wang Lianqin, Zhang Qingyu, Wang Daqi, Sun Chengzhen, and Jiang Zhaoxian, more than 200 collectors, calligraphy and painting art master and all participants, and to carry out public welfare activities such as Kam Po, pen. Tencent news, Iqiyi, Youku and other mainstream media to the scene and made a key report. The real world is located in the scenic Milan. Milan landscape as a high-end art street, backed by the landscape, high-end community, adjacent to Panjiayuan and Shili River Antique Art District, is a new landmark in the famous Wenwan art beijing. The national level actor Yu Zifei as the "true world art space" and the "Wang Lijun studio" presided over the opening ceremony of the Chinese folk collection Identification Committee Wang Lijun teacher speech on the opening ceremony, Wang Lijun teacher: "we really" hidden world "art space is a set of art institutions, exhibition fairs, trade, scientific research, auction, identification, evaluation, creation, as one of the lecture. We will continue adhering to the "to really for the life, to really" concept, through a combination of online and offline mode, used to display art collection, transmission, genuine truth, play a positive energy to promote the cultural industry forward, the prosperity of the cultural life of the people, promote the Chinese art of the healthy development of the market." Beijing the Imperial Palace Museum researcher, Chinese folk collection and Identification Committee of experts Jin Yunchang live speech "the true world art space" Chairman Wang Feng speech activities at the scene of the famous actor Ma Jingwu, Lu Qi, Tian min, Wang Tiecheng and other Chinese folk collection appraisal committee secretary general Wang Xi attended the national level actor Zhou Enlai who plays Wang Tiecheng to congratulate the teacher as everyone knows, gone gold. Sheng antique city. Since the reform and opening up, China’s rapid economic development, the quality of life of the people has been greatly improved. Collection of heat, such as a spring breeze blowing over the land of china. According to incomplete statistics, China’s collectors have close to one hundred million people. But it is sadly sigh in the brilliant, behind, counterfeiting, and selling fake, fake emerge in an endless stream of Tibetan problem! Many collectors due to lack of knowledge of history and culture, Jian Zhen distinguishing ability is insufficient, all this money but a collection of a lot of fake, bring irreversible damage to his life. Since there is no domestic specialized services for people identification, expert team and a lot of theory from practice of the dragons and fishes jumbled together, experts often put fake, the fake goods as genuine as genuine, hurt many collectors, so that their mind and economy suffered great harm, and now a lot of fake, bogus, cheap imitation goods has been going to college, the relevant units, misleading teenagers and the next generation. The Chinese folk collection appraisal committee director Wang Lijun teacher reception guests 11 painting相关的主题文章: