The trump card hilarious funny ace Zhang Jike accompany you to see the National Day (video)-wetnwild

The "trump card" "hilarious" funny ace Zhang Jike day to accompany you to see the "trump card" ace Andy Lau Huang Xiaoming funny jokes was staged "bed" drama Tencent entertainment news today, the "trump card" with ACE film side announced a "joke" in the original film, Andy Lau Huang Xiaoming and Fan Bingbing on the front page of explosion scene, the "bed" Huang Xiaoming "Fan Bingbing" Li Bingbing shilly-shally. In the movie, Andy Lau was seriously wounded and unconscious lying on the bed, Huang Xiaoming look dignified to visit, Zhao Yingjun plays the scientist sissy strength to steal the spotlight, zibaojiamen "Fan Bingbing" is more provoking laughter. It is reported that Zhao Yingjun’s image is similar to the 007 series of films in the classic role of Mr. Q, the Andy Lau Huang Xiaoming play "bed" funny play, more make people wonder: why is Andy Lau injured, whether alive or dead? The movie is seen. The "trump card" with ace will be on September 30, 2016 18:00 ahead of the point mapping, October 1st National release. Where did your husband Zhang Jike go on national day, you know? He’s going to see the trump card! Even said, look at the wife who can catch him in the cinema, for emergency support, codename: "round up" look "following the branch" the funny ACE ACE husband. (link)相关的主题文章: