The two parties are short of money to taxi to each other to send 20 yuan red packets and shout

The two sides about a party the other taxi money 20 yuan red shouting hurry to meet exceptionally jealous enemies, can live in Chongqing Zhang Pengshui and ran a, is the two "miracle in the enemy". The two sides were involved in trifles, so they didn’t have money to drive a taxi when they went to the treaty with Zhang, but ran ran, who ran a WeChat red envelope for each other so that they could meet the challenge on time. In September 29th, the upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporters from the Pengshui County Public Security Bureau was informed that the two parties involved in the fight were all appearing in court, and has been under criminal detention. Snack cited disputes according to the Pengshui police, the incident occurred in August 21st 4 in the morning. At that time, 4 friends 18 year old Zhang and weekdays better together to eat snacks in the county a large stalls. As they drink and drink hard, Zhang found in the big gear in the next house, and ran and some people were drinking and eating. In the latter half of the night, there were not many people. After drinking, those people spoke with great voice. "I’m so worried that I can’t find someone!" Drunk Zhang heard the "fat man", and he did not hit one. In the previous period, "fat man" offended him for trifles, and Zhang has been trying to find out the whereabouts of "fat". As soon as he saw Jean ran to the door, he decided to go forward to find out. In order to make themselves appear more imposing, Zhang also deliberately returned home, the home of Hong Yingqiang brought out, went straight to the front of a ran. "Haier yo!" See holding a red tasselled spear Zhang, et al. Jean subconsciously think the other is coming to pick the thing, also ran a 18 year old also Jiujin quarreled with zhang. It was just a misunderstanding, but the result was "a little bit of fire". The controversy over the corner of a red bag to fight 1VS1 has evolved into a 5VS5 team fight. Considering the stall a war could result in the loss of business, we can leave the phone, decided after half an hour in the Zhangjiaba showdown. However, early to arrive at the shelf site and 4 friends, wait until the 4:30 still not see Zhang and others come. To this end, ran immediately to Zhang to call, asked: "Hey, to you, why haven’t you today to fight or not?" "Of course, but I don’t have enough money. I have no money in WeChat’s red bag. I have to wait a moment." Zhang expressed that he would never eat a word, and he would definitely go to the scene. Listen to each other enough money, it ran a "puff" laughed. "Add the WeChat. I’ll send you a red bag, and you’ll get a taxi." At the end of this wonderful flower dialogue, the two sides became WeChat friends, and Jean ran a red packet of 20 yuan to Zhang immediately. At about 5 in the morning, Zhang arrived at Zhang Jiaba. Then, this group of young people at the age of 18, with Hong Yingqiang knives and other weapons, launched a 5VS5 melee. After playing 10 minutes, the two sides will suffer. The 10 people were arrested for defiance and trouble at 6 o’clock in the morning. The Pengshui Municipal Public Security Bureau City case investigation squadron police received reports from the masses. An hour ago, a group of young "mixed up" were fighting and fighting in Pengshui Zhangjiaba. After receiving the case, the police rushed to the scene, through the inspection of the scene, the police saw a little has dried blood on the ground, and found two discarded in the grass near Hong yingqiang. After less than 2 hours of investigation, the police quickly locked the suspect Zhang, he was immediately summoned to the public security organs for investigation, the face of irrefutable evidence, Zhang confessed that day at 5 pm, and ran a mob of criminal facts and others. Hear the other to his micro letter envelopes rushed to the scene about frame things, the police also laughed: "I was the first time I heard about this frame." Subsequently, the rest of the 9 people, including ran, were captured by the police in Pengshui. At present, 10 people, such as Zhang and ran, have been detained by the Pengshui police in criminal detention, and the case is being further dealt with.

双方约架一方缺钱打车 对方发20元红包喊快点来   仇人相见分外眼红,可家住重庆彭水的张某和冉某,则是仇人里的两个“奇葩”。双方因为琐事约架,结果张某带着兄弟赴约时却没有打车钱,着急一战的冉某竟然给对方发了个微信红包,好让对方准时应战。9月29日,上游新闻-重庆晨报记者从彭水县公安局获悉,参与斗殴的双方当事人全部到案,并已被刑事拘留。   吃宵夜引纠纷   据彭水警方介绍,事情发生在8月21日凌晨4点过。当时,18岁张某和平日要好的4个朋友一起在县城某大排档吃宵夜。正当他们喝酒喝的起劲时,张某发现隔壁家大排档内,冉某也和几个人在喝酒吃饭。   后半夜里人不多,酒后的这些人说话声音也很大,张某无意间听到冉某说起了一个绰号叫“胖子”的年轻人。“我正愁找不到人呢!”醉醺醺的张某听见“胖子”,气就不打一处来。前段时间“胖子”因为琐事得罪了他,这些天张某一直在想方设法打听“胖子”的下落。一看冉某送上门来,便决定上前去一探究竟。   为了能够让自己显得更有气势,张某还特意回了趟家,把家里的红缨枪带了出来,径直走到了冉某的面前。   “红孩儿哟!”看见拿着红缨枪的张某,冉某等人下意识地认为对方驶来挑事儿的,同样18岁的冉某也借着酒劲与张某吵了起来。原本只是一场误会,结果却是“一点就燃”。   发红包给对方来打架   1VS1的口角之争要演变成一场5VS5的团队作战。考虑到在大排档一战可能会对商家造成损失,大家互相留下电话后,决定半小时后在张家坝一决雌雄。   不过,早早赶到约架地点的冉某和4个朋友,等到约定的4点半仍然不见张某等人到来。为此,冉某立即给张某打去电话,询问情况:“喂,怂了吗,你们怎么还没到,今天到底还打不打?”   “当然要打,不过我身上钱不够,微信红包也没钱了,要等一会儿。”张某表示自己决不食言,一定会到现场收拾冉某。   一听对方钱不够,冉某“噗”的一下笑出了声。“来把微信加起,我给你发红包,你们快点打车过来。”   这段奇葩对话结束后,双方成了微信好友,冉某立即给张某转了20元的红包。凌晨5点左右,张某到达了张家坝。随后,这群18岁的年轻人带着红缨枪、管制刀具等武器,展开了一场5VS5的混战。打了10分钟后,双方两败俱伤。   10人因寻衅滋事被刑拘   清晨6点,彭水县公安局城区案侦中队办案民警接到群众举报,得知一个小时前有一群年轻“混混”在彭水张家坝持刀打架斗殴。   接案后,民警迅速赶到事发现场,通过现场勘验,民警在地上看到少许已经干了的血迹,并在附近的草丛中找到了两把被丢弃的红缨枪。   经过不到2小时排查,民警很快锁定了犯罪嫌疑人张某,随即将他传唤至公安机关接受调查,铁证面前,张某如实交代了当日凌晨5时许与冉某等人聚众斗殴的违法犯罪事实。听到对方给他发微信红包赶赴约架现场的事情时,民警也是笑出了声:“我还是第一次听说这么约架的。”   随后,包括冉某在内的其余9名参与聚众斗殴人员被彭水警方全部抓获。目前,张某、冉某等10人因寻衅滋事,已被彭水警方刑事拘留,案件正在进一步处理之中。相关的主题文章: